1. 21 Oct, 1998 4 commits
    • Kenichi Handa's avatar
      (setup_coding_system): Fix setting up · e133c8fa
      Kenichi Handa authored
      coding->spec.ccl.valid_codes for CCL based coding system.
      (code_convert_region): Set point to FROM before inserting the
      result of pre-write-funciton.  Preserve original point.
      (code_convert_string): If coding->type is coding_type_ccl, do
      conversion even if the length of conversion region is zero.
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      (function-form): Fix spec for · 17f2692a
      Andreas Schwab authored
    • Karl Heuer's avatar
      (profile-timer-program): Var deleted. · c7f8bd78
      Karl Heuer authored
      (profile-timer-process, profile-temp-result-, profile-time): Likewise.
      (profile-filter, profile-reset-timer): Functions deleted.
      (profile-check-zero-init-times, profile-get-time): Likewise.
      (profile-find-function, profile-quit): Likewise.
      (profile-distinct, profile-call-stack, profile-last-time): New vars.
      (profile-time-list, profile-init-list): Doc fix.
      (profile-functions): Simplify.
      (profile-print): Use float.  Make output include space separators.
      (profile-add-time): New helper function.
      (profile-function-prolog): Renamed from profile-start-function.
      Handle profile-distinct.
      (profile-function-epilog): Renamed from profile-update-function.
      Handle profile-distinct.
      (profile-a-function): If the function to be profiled is an
      autoload form, load it.  If it's lazy-loaded, fetch it.
      (profile-fix-fun): Simplify profiling wrapper, and unwind-protect it.
      (profile-restore-fun): Arg FUN is now a function symbol, as was
      documented, rather than a one-element list.
      (profile-finish): Call profile-restore-fun properly.
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  2. 20 Oct, 1998 15 commits
  3. 19 Oct, 1998 9 commits
  4. 17 Oct, 1998 12 commits