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    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Untabify doc/lispref/*.texi. · d24880de
      Glenn Morris authored
      * abbrevs.texi, commands.texi, compile.texi, debugging.texi:
      * display.texi, edebug.texi, elisp.texi, eval.texi, files.texi:
      * frames.texi, functions.texi, internals.texi, keymaps.texi:
      * loading.texi, minibuf.texi, numbers.texi, os.texi, processes.texi:
      * searching.texi, sequences.texi, strings.texi, syntax.texi:
      * text.texi, tips.texi, vol1.texi, vol2.texi, windows.texi:
      Untabify Texinfo files.
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    • Martin Rudalics's avatar
      * abbrevs.texi (Abbrev Mode): abbrev-mode is an option. · 01f17ae2
      Martin Rudalics authored
      * backups.texi (Making Backups): backup-directory-alist and
      make-backup-file-name-function are options.
      (Auto-Saving): auto-save-list-file-prefix is an option.
      * buffers.texi (Killing Buffers): buffer-offer-save is an
      * display.texi (Refresh Screen): no-redraw-on-reenter is an
      (Echo Area Customization): echo-keystrokes is an option.
      (Selective Display): selective-display-ellipses is an option.
      (Temporary Displays): temp-buffer-show-function is an option.
      (Face Attributes): underline-minimum-offset and x-bitmap-file-path
      are options.
      (Font Selection): face-font-family-alternatives,
      face-font-selection-order, face-font-registry-alternatives, and
      scalable-fonts-allowed are options.
      (Fringe Indicators): indicate-buffer-boundaries is an option.
      (Fringe Cursors): overflow-newline-into-fringe is an option.
      (Scroll Bars): scroll-bar-mode is an option.
      * eval.texi (Eval): max-lisp-eval-depth is an option.
      * files.texi (Visiting Functions): find-file-hook is an option.
      (Directory Names): directory-abbrev-alist is an option.
      (Unique File Names): temporary-file-directory and
      small-temporary-file-directory are options.
      * frames.texi (Initial Parameters): initial-frame-alist,
      minibuffer-frame-alist and default-frame-alist are options.
      (Cursor Parameters): blink-cursor-alist and
      cursor-in-non-selected-windows ar options.
      (Window System Selections): selection-coding-system is an
      (Display Feature Testing): display-mm-dimensions-alist is an
      * help.texi (Help Functions): help-char and help-event-list are
      * keymaps.texi (Functions for Key Lookup): meta-prefix-char is
      an option.
      * minibuf.texi (Minibuffer History): history-length and
      history-delete-duplicates are options.
      (High-Level Completion): read-buffer-function and
      read-buffer-completion-ignore-case are options.
      (Reading File Names): read-file-name-completion-ignore-case is
      an option.
      * modes.texi (Mode Line Top): mode-line-format is an option.
      (Mode Line Variables): mode-line-position and mode-line-modes
      are options.
      * nonascii.texi (Text Representations):
      enable-multibyte-characters is an option.
      (Default Coding Systems): auto-coding-regexp-alist,
      file-coding-system-alist, auto-coding-alist and
      auto-coding-functions are options.
      (Specifying Coding Systems): inhibit-eol-conversion is an
      * os.texi (Init File): site-run-file is an option.
      (System Environment): mail-host-address is an option.
      (User Identification): user-mail-address is an option.
      (Terminal Output): baud-rate is an option.
      * positions.texi (Word Motion): words-include-escapes is an
      * searching.texi (Standard Regexps): page-delimiter,
      paragraph-separate, paragraph-separate and sentence-end are
      * text.texi (Margins): left-margin and fill-nobreak-predicate
      are options.
      * variables.texi (Local Variables): max-specpdl-size is an
      * windows.texi (Choosing Window):
      split-window-preferred-function, special-display-function and
      display-buffer-function are options.
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    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      * frames.texi (Frames): Clean up introduction. Document `ns' · 3ec61d4e
      Chong Yidong authored
      return value for framep.
      (Creating Frames): Note how the terminal is chosen.
      (Multiple Terminals, Multiple Displays): Merge into a single node.
      (Color Parameters): Fix typo.
      * variables.texi (Local Variables, Buffer-Local Variables)
      (Creating Buffer-Local): Change link to Multiple Terminals.
      * os.texi (X11 Keysyms): Change link to Multiple Terminals.
      * keymaps.texi (Controlling Active Maps): Change link to Multiple
      * commands.texi (Command Loop Info, Keyboard Macros): Change link
      to Multiple Terminals.
      * elisp.texi (Top): Update node listing.
      * vol2.texi (Top): Update node listing.
      * vol1.texi (Top): Update node listing.
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    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Add new `input-decode-map' keymap and use it for temrinal · 4f4a84ec
      Stefan Monnier authored
      escape sequences.
      * keyboard.h (struct kboard): Add Vinput_decode_map.
      Remove Vlocal_key_translation_map.
      * keyboard.c (read_key_sequence): Add support for input-decode-map.
      (init_kboard): Init input-decode-map.
      Replace local-key-translation-map back with key-translation-map.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Declare input-decode-map.
      Remove local-key-translation-map.  Update docstrings.
      (mark_kboards): Mark Vinput_decode_map.
      Don't mark Vlocal_key_translation_map.
      * keymap.c (Fdescribe_buffer_bindings): Describe input-decode-map.
      Replace local-key-translation-map back with key-translation-map.
      * term.c (term_get_fkeys_1, CONDITIONAL_REASSIGN):
      Bind in input-decode-map rather than function-key-map.
  21. 06 Sep, 2007 2 commits