1. 16 Mar, 2006 1 commit
  2. 15 Mar, 2006 21 commits
  3. 14 Mar, 2006 13 commits
  4. 13 Mar, 2006 5 commits
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Invisible Text): The impossible position is · 7cd3712b
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      now before the invisible text, not after.
      (Defining Images): Clean up last change.
    • Miles Bader's avatar
      Revision: emacs@sv.gnu.org/emacs--devo--0--patch-156 · e8f10ddb
      Miles Bader authored
      rcirc.el update from Ryan Yeske
      2006-03-13  Ryan Yeske  <rcyeske@gmail.com>
         * lisp/net/rcirc.el (rcirc) <defgroup>: Add link to manual.
         (rcirc-print): Mark the start of text at the end of the prompt.
         (rcirc-track-minor-mode): Add autoload cookie.
         (rcirc-update-activity-string): Add space to front of mode-line
    • Miles Bader's avatar
      Revision: emacs@sv.gnu.org/emacs--devo--0--patch-155 · 54aba1ee
      Miles Bader authored
      Remove nick-abbrevs stuff from rcirc.el
      2006-03-13  Miles Bader  <miles@gnu.org>
         * lisp/net/rcirc.el (rcirc-nick-abbrevs): Variable removed.
         (rcirc-abbrev-nick): Function removed.
         (rcirc-format-response-string): Don't call `rcirc-abbrev-nick'.
    • David Ponce's avatar
      Handle themes across all occurrences of the main · a32703cb
      David Ponce authored
      themes sub-directory found in tree-widget-themes-load-path.
      (tree-widget-themes-directory, tree-widget-theme): Doc fix.
      (tree-widget--locate-sub-directory): Return all occurrences.
      (tree-widget-themes-path): New function.  Replace
      tree-widget-themes-directory, and return a list of directories.
      (tree-widget-lookup-image): Use it.