1. 14 Oct, 1999 9 commits
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  3. 12 Oct, 1999 9 commits
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      Doc-string fixes. · 1a7244d9
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      *** empty log message *** · 7518ed7b
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      Files not useful for Emacs 21. · 7950374e
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      Added support for indenting existing scripts. · f964dfcb
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (sh-mode-map): Added new bindings.
      (sh-mode): Updated mode doc-string for new commands, added
      make-local-variable calls, initialize mode-specific variables.
      (sh-indent-line):  Renamed to sh-basic-indent-line;  sh-indent-line
      is now a different function.
      (sh-header-marker):  Changed docstring.
      (sh-set-shell): Initialize mode-specific variables.
      (sh-case, sh-for, sh-if, sh-indexed-loop, sh-repeat, sh-select)
      (sh-tmp-file, sh-until, sh-until, sh-while, sh-while-getopts):
      Changed these define-skeleton calls to work with user-specified
      indentation settings.
      (sh-basic-indent-line, sh-blink, sh-calculate-indent)
      (sh-check-paren-in-case, sh-check-rule, sh-do-nothing)
      (sh-electric-hash, sh-electric-less, sh-electric-rparen)
      (sh-find-prev-matching, sh-find-prev-switch, sh-get-indent-info)
      (sh-get-indent-var-for-line, sh-get-kw, sh-get-word)
      (sh-goto-match-for-done, sh-goto-matching-case, sh-goto-matching-if)
      (sh-guess-basic-offset, sh-handle-after-case-label)
      (sh-handle-prev-case, sh-handle-prev-case-alt-end, sh-handle-prev-do)
      (sh-handle-prev-done, sh-handle-prev-else, sh-handle-prev-esac)
      (sh-handle-prev-fi, sh-handle-prev-if, sh-handle-prev-open)
      (sh-handle-prev-rc-case, sh-handle-prev-then, sh-handle-this-close)
      (sh-handle-this-do, sh-handle-this-done, sh-handle-this-else)
      (sh-handle-this-esac, sh-handle-this-fi, sh-handle-this-rc-case)
      (sh-handle-this-then, sh-help-string-for-variable)
      (sh-in-comment-or-string, sh-indent-line, sh-learn-buffer-indent)
      (sh-learn-line-indent, sh-load-style, sh-make-vars-local, sh-mark-init)
      (sh-mark-line, sh-mkword-regexpr, sh-mkword-regexp)
      (sh-must-be-shell-mode, sh-must-support-indent, sh-name-style)
      (sh-prev-line, sh-prev-stmt, sh-prev-thing, sh-read-variable)
      (sh-remove-our-text-properties, sh-rescan-buffer)
      (sh-reset-indent-vars-to-global-values, sh-safe-backward-sexp)
      (sh-safe-forward-sexp, sh-save-styles-to-buffer, sh-scan-buffer)
      (sh-scan-case, sh-search-word, sh-set-char-syntax)
      (sh-set-here-doc-region, sh-set-indent, sh-set-var-value)
      (sh-show-indent, sh-this-is-a-continuation, sh-var-value): New
      (sh-debug, sh-electric-rparen-needed, sh-here-doc-syntax)
      (sh-indent-supported, sh-kw, sh-kw-alist, sh-kws-for-done)
      (sh-learned-buffer-hook, sh-make-vars-local, sh-regexp-for-done)
      (sh-special-keywords, sh-special-syntax, sh-st-punc, sh-styles-alist)
      (sh-var-list): New variables.
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      Add sh-script changes. · 4b9347b3
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      (quickurl-list-insert): `count-lines' was returning · b07ea410
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      a value one line to high if the cursor wasn't at the start of a
      line. A `beginning-of-line' is now performed before making the
      call to `count-lines'.
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