1. 16 Jan, 2006 13 commits
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      Add mode-line-buffer-id. · ea4cd511
      Juri Linkov authored
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      (Info-mode-line-node-keymap): New defvar. · 8eafa165
      Juri Linkov authored
      (Info-set-mode-line): Use `stringp' to check Info-current-file.
      Propertize Info-current-node with `mode-line-buffer-id' and
      `mode-line-highlight' faces and `Info-mode-line-node-keymap'.
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      (propertized-buffer-identification): Use face · 4ec983f1
      Juri Linkov authored
      `mode-line-buffer-id' instead of `Buffer-menu-buffer'.
      (mode-line-next-buffer, mode-line-previous-buffer): New functions.
      (mode-line-buffer-identification-keymap): For mouse-1 replace
      `mode-line-unbury-buffer' with `mode-line-previous-buffer'.
      Replace `mode-line-bury-buffer' with `mode-line-next-buffer' for
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      (mode-line-faces): New defgroup. · 97bca259
      Juri Linkov authored
      (mode-line-highlight): Move definition after new defgroup.
      (mode-line, mode-line-inactive, mode-line-highlight):
      Replace :group `modeline' with `mode-line-faces'.
      (mode-line-buffer-id): New face.
      (modeline-buffer-id): New face alias.
      (vertical-border): Remove :group `modeline'.
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      * mh-acros.el (require): Remove defadvice of require as defadvice is · 1e4db53b
      Bill Wohler authored
      verboten within Emacs and our implementation was returning the wrong
      value from require. Upcoming restructuring should make this
      (mh-assoc-ignore-case): Replace with defsubst assoc-string.
      * mh-alias.el (mh-alias-local-users, mh-alias-reload, mh-alias-expand,
      mh-alias-minibuffer-confirm-address): Use it.
      * mh-identity.el (mh-identity-field-handler): Use it.
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      * mh-comp.el (mh-show-buffer-message-number): Replace (car · 8d2aa237
      Bill Wohler authored
      (read-from-string string) with (string-to-number string).
      * mh-e.el (mh-parse-flist-output-line, mh-folder-size-folder): Ditto.
      * mh-mime.el (mh-mml-forward-message): Ditto.
      * mh-search.el (mh-swish-next-result, mh-mairix-next-result)
      (mh-namazu-next-result, mh-grep-next-result, mh-md5sum-parser)
      (mh-openssl-parser, mh-index-update-maps): Ditto.
      * mh-seq.el (mh-translate-range, mh-narrow-to-header-field)
      (mh-thread-generate): Ditto.
    • Mark D. Baushke's avatar
      * mh-mime.el (mh-mime-display, mh-mm-inline-message): Fix use of mm- · 9ac2e4e5
      Mark D. Baushke authored
      functions for text=flowed. (SF #1273521)
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      Add autoload cookies for cp125[0345678]. · 8d39b976
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      Revision: miles@gnu.org--gnu-2005/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-698 · 73043f7d
      Miles Bader authored
      Merge from gnus--rel--5.10
      Patches applied:
       * gnus--rel--5.10  (patch 182-184)
         - Merge from emacs--cvs-trunk--0
         - Update from CVS
      2006-01-16  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@jpl.org>
         * lisp/gnus/mm-uu.el (mm-uu-text-plain-type): New variable.
         (mm-uu-pgp-signed-extract-1): Use it.
         (mm-uu-pgp-encrypted-extract-1): Use it.
         (mm-uu-dissect): Use it; allow two optional arguments; one is a
         flag specifying whether there's no message header; the other is
         for a MIME type and parameters; bind mm-uu-text-plain-type with
         the later one.
         (mm-uu-dissect-text-parts): New function.
         * lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-display-mime): Use mm-uu-dissect-text-parts to
         dissect text parts.
      2006-01-13  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@jpl.org>
         * lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (article-wash-html): Use
         gnus-summary-show-article-charset-alist if a numeric arg is given.
         (gnus-article-wash-html-with-w3m-standalone): New function.
         * lisp/gnus/mm-view.el (mm-text-html-renderer-alist): Map w3m-standalone to
         (mm-text-html-washer-alist): Map w3m-standalone to
         (mm-inline-text-html-render-with-w3m-standalone): New function.
      2006-01-13  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@jpl.org>
         * man/gnus.texi (Article Washing): Additions.
      2006-01-08  Alex Schroeder  <alex@gnu.org>
         * man/pgg.texi (Caching passphrase): Rewording.
    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      * mh-e.el (mh-limit-map, mh-help-messages): Change keybinding of · fc77df2c
      Bill Wohler authored
      mh-narrow-to-from from / f to / m; mh-narrow-to-range from / r to / g.
      * mh-utils.el (mh-show-limit-map): Ditto.
    • Miles Bader's avatar
      Add arch tagline · 28f74fdf
      Miles Bader authored
  2. 15 Jan, 2006 12 commits
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      (iswitchb-define-mode-map): Use C-n for iswitchb-toggle-ignore. (This · 5311aad2
      Stephen Eglen authored
      was C-a but a user suggested this was too easily confused with normal
      usage of C-a.)
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      * e/eterm-color.ti: Re-enable the ri entry. Add kich1. · 14397ea7
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * term.el (term-raw-map): Add mapping for insert.
      (term-send-insert): New.
      (term-mode): Make variables local here instead of doing it in
      (term-emulate-terminal): Delete incorrect optimization for cr+lf.
      Scroll reverse needs to take into account the scroll
      region.  Saving and restoring the cursor should save the color
      attributes too.
      (term-reset-terminal): Reset the scroll region.
      (term-handle-ansi-escape): Cursor up and down should take into
      account the scroll region.
      (term-set-scroll-region): Renamed from `term-scroll-region'.  Move
      to 0,0 after setting the region.
      (term-handle-scroll): Handle scroll up.
      (term-down): Fix off by one error.
      (term-delete-lines): Do not delete outside the scroll region.
      (term-insert-lines): Take into account the scroll region.
    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      * mh-exec.el: Require mh-acros, mh-buffers, and mh-utils for · 98eab4e4
      Bill Wohler authored
      standalone compile.
      (mh-progs, mh-lib, mh-lib-progs): Move here from mh-init.el.
      * mh-init.el (mh-progs, mh-lib, mh-lib-progs): Move to mh-exec.el,
      where they are used.
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      . · 0501acd4
      Andreas Schwab authored
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      * mh-comp.el (mh-pgp-support-flag): Move here from mh-utils.el; needed · 30f24016
      Bill Wohler authored
      to help remove dependency on mh-utils.
      * mh-exec.el: New file. Move process support routines here from
      * mh-init.el (mh-utils): Remove require.
      (mh-exec): Add require.
      (mh-profile-component, mh-profile-component-value): Move here from
      * mh-utils.el (mh-pgp-support-flag): Move to mh-comp.el to reduce
      dependencies on mh-utils.el.
      (mh-profile-component, mh-profile-component-value): Move to mh-init.el
      since that's the only place that uses them. (Other than mh-alias.el;
      I'm thinking that mh-find-path can set variable from the Aliasfile
      component like it does the other components).
      (mh-index-max-cmdline-args, mh-xargs, mh-quote-for-shell)
      (mh-exec-cmd, mh-exec-cmd-error, mh-exec-cmd-daemon)
      (mh-exec-cmd-env-daemon, mh-process-daemon, mh-exec-cmd-quiet)
      (defvar, mh-exec-cmd-output)
      (mh-exec-lib-cmd-output, mh-handle-process-error): Move to new file
      mh-exec.el so that mh-init.el doesn't have to depend on mh-utils.el,
      breaking circular dependency.
      * mh-alias.el: mh-customize.el: mh-e.el: mh-funcs.el: mh-gnus.el:
      * mh-identity.el: mh-inc.el: mh-junk.el: mh-mime.el: mh-print.el:
      * mh-search.el: mh-seq.el: mh-speed.el: Added debugging statements
      (commented out) around requires to help find dependency loops. Will
      remove them when issues are resolved.
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      (ispell-internal-change-dictionary, ispell-change-dictionary): · d83d8efe
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Undo most of last change of 2006-01-13.
      (start, end): Move declaration outside of eval-when-compile.
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      (flyspell-kill-ispell-hook): Fix braino. · 949855fe
      Stefan Monnier authored
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (flyspell-kill-ispell-hook): New fun. · ef0f5f7e
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (flyspell-mode-on): Use it.
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      (Custom-set, Custom-save, Custom-reset-current, Custom-reset-saved): · 025fddd4
      Luc Teirlinck authored
      Do not ask for confirmation in single option buffers.
    • Luc Teirlinck's avatar
      *** empty log message *** · b41e2e73
      Luc Teirlinck authored
  3. 14 Jan, 2006 4 commits
    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      * mh-customize.el (mh-index): Rename group to mh-search and sort group · a4d7cec3
      Bill Wohler authored
      definition and options accordingly.
      (mh-index-program): Rename to mh-search-program.
      (mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hooks): Rename mh-index-p to
      (mh-search-mode-hook): Change group from mh-index to mh-search.
      (mh-index-folder): Rename to mh-search-folder. Change group from
      mh-index to mh-search.
      * mh-e.el (mh-folder-font-lock-keywords): Rename mh-index-folder to
      * mh-search.el (mh-indexer) Rename to mh-searcher. The commands pick
      and grep are searchers too but aren't indexed.
      (mh-index-execute-search-function): Rename to mh-search-function.
      (mh-index-next-result-function): Rename to
      (mh-index-regexp-builder): Rename to mh-search-regexp-builder.
      (mh-search): Since redo-search-flag defaults to nil and is of lesser
      importance, make it an optional argument and place it after the folder
      and search-regexp arguments. Sync docstring with manual.
      (mh-search-mode-map): Autoload so that keys are shown in help even
      before mh-search is loaded.
      (mh-search-mode): Sync docstring with manual.
      (mh-index-do-search): Rename argument indexer to searcher. Sync
      docstring with manual.
      (mh-pick-do-search): Sync docstring with manual.
      (mh-index-p): Rename to mh-search-p.
      (mh-indexer-choices): Rename to mh-search-choices.
      (mh-index-choose): Rename to mh-search-choose. Rename argument indexer
      to searcher.
      (mh-swish++-execute-search, mh-swish-execute-search)
      (mh-mairix-execute-search, mh-namazu-execute-search): Drop "and read
      the results" from docstring since these functions don't.
      (mh-pick-execute-search, mh-grep-execute-search): Sync docstring with
      (mh-index-generate-pretty-name): Prune -search from string so that
      folder names for pick searches are the same as those of other
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Inserting Text): Minor cleanup. · 852ae42a
      Richard M. Stallman authored
    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      (require): Added Satyaki's comment regarding what needs to happen to · 4501e6fb
      Bill Wohler authored
      remove this defadvice which caused a little discussion on emacs-devel
      today (see Subject: mh-e/mh-acros.el advices `require' incorrectly).
    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      * mh-search.el (mh-index-next-result-function): Add format to · 11db987f
      Bill Wohler authored
      (mh-mairix-next-result): Use nil instead of () which doesn't stand out
      as well.
      (mh-pick-execute-search): Operate across all folders if no folder
      given and recurse folder(s).
      (mh-pick-next-result): Handle new output.
      * mh-utils.el: (mh-collect-folder-names): Fix docstring.
      (mh-children-p, mh-folder-list): New functions.
  4. 13 Jan, 2006 11 commits