1. 15 Sep, 2000 2 commits
  2. 14 Sep, 2000 7 commits
  3. 13 Sep, 2000 3 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · 5dd05f61
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      *** empty log message *** · 076ff911
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      (comint-output-filter): · bdf08678
      Miles Bader authored
        Revert to using `insert-before-markers'.
        Add bletcherous hack to undo damage caused by `insert-before-markers'.
        Put `front-sticky' property on overlays created here so that the field code
          understands how the overlay works.
        Use a let when making comint-last-prompt-overlay, so that the code is
          easier to read.
  4. 12 Sep, 2000 6 commits
  5. 11 Sep, 2000 4 commits
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      (quail-translation-docstring): New variable. · 362a8065
      Kenichi Handa authored
      (quail-show-keyboard-layout): Docstring modified.
      (quail-select-current): Likewise.
      (quail-build-decode-map): Change arg MAP to MAP-LIST to avoid
      infinite recursive call.
      (quail-help): Check quail-translation-docstring.  Format of the
      output changed.
      (quail-help-insert-keymap-description): Adjusted for the above
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      *** empty log message *** · 1ad24be1
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      (byte-compile-defvar): Only cons onto · cc0f95a4
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      current-load-list in top-level forms.  Else this leaks a cons cell
      every time a defun is called.
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      (diff-apply-hunk): Function basically rewritten. Now understands · 7530b6da
      Miles Bader authored
        non-unified diffs.  Some functionality moved into `diff-hunk-text' and
        `diff-find-text'.  Add OTHER-FILE, DRY-RUN, POPUP, and NOERROR
        arguments.  If DRY-RUN is true, don't actually modify anything.  Only
        reposition point in the patched file if the patch succeeds.  Only pop
        up another window if POPUP is true.  Emit a message describing what
        happened if successful, and at what line-offset.  Automatically detect
        reversed hunks and do something appropriate.
      (diff-hunk-text, diff-find-text): New functions.
      (diff-filter-lines): Function removed.
      (diff-test-hunk): New function.
      (diff-goto-source): Rewritten in terms of diff-apply-hunk.
  6. 10 Sep, 2000 1 commit
  7. 09 Sep, 2000 1 commit
  8. 08 Sep, 2000 2 commits
  9. 07 Sep, 2000 13 commits
  10. 06 Sep, 2000 1 commit