1. 04 Dec, 2006 37 commits
  2. 03 Dec, 2006 3 commits
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      Fix paren.el doc. · 77ea34ce
      Vinicius Jose Latorre authored
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      Ken Manheimer <ken.manheimer@gmail.com>: · c07583cd
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (allout-ascend): Add an optional argument to preserve
      original position of point when unsuccessful.  Also, fix a
      docstring error.
      (allout-yank-processing): Fix depth shift of multiple-topic so yanks
      work again, using allout-ascend's new option.
      (allout-setup-mode-map): Extracted from allout-mode to initialize
      allout-mode-map.  Call it on file load, so the mode docstring
      substitutions work even if allout mode has not yet been invoked.
      (allout-mode): Use new allout-setup-mode-map to track any keybinding
      customizations since the map was last processed.  Also,	refine the
      docstring so it's ship-shape for release.
      (allout-default-layout, allout-beginning-of-line-cycles)
      (allout-distinctive-bullets-string, allout-use-mode-specific-leader)
      (allout-encrypt-unencrypted-on-saves, allout-inhibit-auto-fill)
      (allout-version, allout-layout, allout-infer-body-reindent)
      (allout-infer-header-lead-and-primary-bullet, allout-view-change-hook)
      (allout-init, allout-mode, allout-next-heading, allout-chart-subtree)
      (allout-previous-heading, allout-goto-prefix-doublechecked)
      (allout-current-bullet-pos, allout-next-sibling-leap)
      (allout-pre-command-business, allout-encrypted-type-prefix)
      (allout-make-topic-prefix, allout-open-topic, allout-rebullet-heading)
      (allout-rebullet-topic, allout-rebullet-topic-grunt)
      (allout-flag-region, allout-expose-topic, allout-expose-topic)
      (allout-old-expose-topic, allout-listify-exposed)
      (allout-process-exposed, allout-latex-verb-quote)
      (allout-latex-verbatim-quote-curr-line, allout-adjust-file-variable)
      (allout-toggle-subtree-encryption, allout-bullet-isearch):
      Remove extraneous open-paren and close paren string escapes.
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      *** empty log message *** · f9f46d8d
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