1. 04 Mar, 2009 2 commits
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      (Rmail Sorting): Add the keybindings associated with each · 00cfe22c
      Glenn Morris authored
      sort command.  Fix `rmail-sort-by-labels' name.  Mention sorting from
      summary.  Mention sorts cannot be undone.
      (Rmail Display): Give an example of how to use goto-address-mode.
      (Rmail Editing): It's keybindings that are redefined, not commands.
      Fix some typos.
      (Movemail): Some minor rewording.
      (Remote Mailboxes): Emacs movemail supports pop by default.
      Fix some minor grammatical issues.  The "two alternative ways" to
      specify a POP mailbox are really just one.  Remove all reference to the
      variables rmail-pop-password and rmail-pop-password-required, obsolete
      since Emacs 22.1.  Clarify the four password steps.  Emacs movemail
      can support Kerberos.
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