1. 08 Jul, 2009 9 commits
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      (tutorial--describe-nonstandard-key): · f35fc841
      Glenn Morris authored
      Adjust the message for when a key has been unbound.
      (help-with-tutorial): Hide the arch-tag.
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      Split ChangeLog. · 2602aad3
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Standardize the way M-x commands are written: · 45ea35bf
      Glenn Morris authored
      dashes inside command names, not spaces; spaces before <Return>.
      (Summary): Describe the new behavior of C-l.
      (Basic Cursor Control): Don't say that files "ought" to end in newlines.
      Try to distinguish scroll bar from fringes.
      You can also scroll with a wheel mouse.
      (If Emacs Stops Responding): Rename from "When Emacs is hung".
      (Inserting And Deleting): Continuation marks appear in the fringe.
      Clarify that deletion can be undone.  Mention cut and paste, and the Glossary.
      (Files, Mode Line): Update mode-line format.
      (Extending The Command Set): Downplay C-z, since using Emacs on a
      text-only terminal is less common these days.
      (Searching): Incremental searching is no longer atypical.
      Downplay flow control issues, remove reference to deleted FAQ node.
      (Multiple Windows): Mention frames.
      (Multiple Frames): New section.
      (Getting More Help): Downplay C-h having a different binding.
      Don't say help is "on-line", since the meaning has changed.
      (More Features): Replace "on-line".  Use C-h rather than F10 h.
      Say a little more about completion.
      (Conclusion): Don't mention C-z again here.
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      (JIS_TO_SJIS2): Fix the code range check. · edb61b39
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      (detect_coding_sjis): Handle shift_jis-2004 correctly. · f07190ca
      Kenichi Handa authored
      (encode_coding_sjis): Fix the code range check.
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      (gdb-init-1): Move sending · ca8eb1bd
      Nick Roberts authored
      -data-list-register-names to ...
      (gdb-starting): ... here because GDB 7.0 requires execution to
      have started when using this MI command.
      (gdb-set-header): New function to distinguish select and
      unselected tabs in gdb buffers.
      (gdb-propertize-header): New macro that uses gdb-set-header.
      (gdb-breakpoints-header, gdb-locals-header): Use it.
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      *** empty log message *** · ff0c4194
      Nick Roberts authored
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