1. 05 Jan, 2008 2 commits
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    • Eric S. Raymond's avatar
      * progmodes/grep.el (grep-find-ignored-directories): Initialize · 1f0bee0a
      Eric S. Raymond authored
      from the value of vc-directory-exclusion-list.
      * vc-hooks (vc-directory-exclusion-list):  Include "_darcs",
      even though we don't have a back end for darcs yet.
    • Karl Fogel's avatar
      Change a return type, for greater extensibility. See · 03e26a79
      Karl Fogel authored
      and its thread for discussion leading to this change.
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/bookmark.el:
      (bookmark-jump-noselect): Return an alist instead of a dotted pair.
      (bookmark-jump, bookmark-jump-other-window, bookmark-insert)
      (bookmark-bmenu-2-window, bookmark-bmenu-other-window)
      (bookmark-bmenu-switch-other-window): Adjust accordingly.
      (bookmark-make-cell-function): Adjust documentation accordingly.
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/image-mode.el
      (image-bookmark-jump): Adjust return type accordingly; document.
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/doc-view.el
      (doc-view-bookmark-jump): Adjust return type accordingly; document.
    • Miles Bader's avatar
      Make rcirc logging more customizable · aacde24f
      Miles Bader authored
      (rcirc-log-filename-function): New variable.
      (rcirc-log): Use `rcirc-log-filename-function' to generate the
      log-file name.  Don't log anything if it returns nil.
      (rcirc-log-write): Use `expand-file-name' when merging the
      log-file name from the alist with rcirc-log-directory; this does
      the right thing if the name in the alist already an absolute
      filename.  Make the log-file directory if necessary.
      Revision: emacs@sv.gnu.org/emacs--devo--0--patch-976
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