1. 16 Mar, 2015 4 commits
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Add `predicate' arg to `read-buffer' and use it for erc-iswitchb · f925fc93
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20116
      * src/minibuf.c (Fread_buffer): Add `predicate' argument.
      * src/callint.c (Fcall_interactively): Adjust calls accordingly.
      * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-switch-to-buffer): Rename from erc-iswitchb and rewrite
      using read-buffer.
      (erc--buffer-p): New function, extracted from erc-buffer-filter.
      (erc-buffer-filter): Use it.
      (erc-with-all-buffers-of-server): Silence compile warning if the return
      value is unused.
      (erc-is-valid-nick-p, erc-common-server-suffixes, erc-get-arglist)
      (erc-command-name, erc-popup-input-buffer): Use \` and \' to match
      beg/end of string.
      * lisp/obsolete/iswitchb.el (iswitchb-read-buffer): Add `predicate' arg.
      * lisp/isearchb.el (isearchb-iswitchb): Adjust accordingly.
      * lisp/ido.el (ido-read-buffer): Add `predicate' argument.
      * lisp/misearch.el (unload-function-defs-list): Declare before use.
    • Vibhav Pant's avatar
      Fixes: debbugs:19335 · 43a847c0
      Vibhav Pant authored
      * net/browse-url.el (browse-url-browser-function): Add "Conkeror".
      (browse-url-conkeror-program, browse-url-conkeror-arguments)
      (browse-url-conkeror-new-window-is-buffer): New defcustoms.
      (browse-url-default-browser): Check for `browse-url-conkeror'
      and call `browse-url-conkeror-program'.
      (browse-url-conkeror): New command.
      * etc/NEWS: Mention added support for Conkeror.
    • Vibhav Pant's avatar
      Add 'clear' functionality to eshell. · ab4e4cc9
      Vibhav Pant authored
      * eshell/esh-mode.el (eshell/clear): New function.
      * etc/NEWS: Mention new built-in command.
    • Alan Mackenzie's avatar
      Make Edebug work with Follow Mode. · 3eb4d23a
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      * emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug--display-1): Remove call to
      (edebug--recursive-edit): Don't bind pre/post-command-hooks to nil
      over the recursive edit.
      (edebug-adjust-window): Remove.
  2. 15 Mar, 2015 7 commits
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (url-insert-file-contents): Set buffer-file-coding-system · 85993609
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20010
      * lisp/url/url-handlers.el (url-insert-file-contents): Call
      after-insert-file-set-coding like insert-file-contents, to set
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix subtle problems with linum-mode and invisible text · 4e5eb854
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/xdisp.c (handle_invisible_prop): Fix up it->position even when
       we are going to load overlays at the beginning of the invisible
       (setup_for_ellipsis): Reset the ignore_overlay_strings_at_pos_p
       flag also here.
       (next_overlay_string): Set the overlay_strings_at_end_processed_p
       flag only if the overlays just processed were actually loaded at
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      In Tramp. check ssh Control* options only when needed · 28caedba
      Michael Albinus authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20015
      * net/tramp-adb.el:
      * net/tramp-gvfs.el:
      * net/tramp-sh.el:
      * net/tramp-smb.el: Set tramp-autoload cookie for all defcustoms.
      * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-use-ssh-controlmaster-options):
      New defcustom, moved from tramp.el.
      (tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options): New defvar, moved from tramp.el
      but with a nil initial value.
      (tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options): New defun.
      (tramp-maybe-open-connection): Use it.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options)
      (tramp-use-ssh-controlmaster-options): Move them to tramp-sh.el.
      (tramp-default-method): Do not check for
    • Tassilo Horn's avatar
      Font-lock elisp macros/special forms dynamically · 51e7e463
      Tassilo Horn authored
      * emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (lisp--el-macro-regexp): New defconst.
      (lisp--el-update-macro-regexp, lisp--el-update-after-load)
      (lisp--el-match-macro): New functions.
      (lisp-mode-variables): Update lisp--el-macro-regexp and add
      lisp--el-update-after-load to after-load-functions.
    • Daniel Colascione's avatar
      Support indenting backquote substitutions in cl-indent · 99416824
      Daniel Colascione authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-indent.el
      (lisp-indent-backquote-substitution-mode): New user option.
      (common-lisp-indent-function-1, common-lisp-loop-part-indentation)
      (common-lisp-indent-function): Support normally indenting
      backquote substitutions.
      (extended-loop-p): Rename to `lisp-extended-loop-p'.
    • Michael R. Mauger's avatar
    • Michael R. Mauger's avatar
      2015-03-14 Michael R. Mauger <michael@mauger.com> · 84a66856
      Michael R. Mauger authored
      * progmodes/sql.el: Version 3.5
      (sql-starts-with-prompt-re, sql-ends-with-prompt-re): Match password prompts.
      (sql-interactive-remove-continuation-prompt): Fixed regression. (Bug#6686)
  3. 14 Mar, 2015 3 commits
  4. 13 Mar, 2015 4 commits
  5. 12 Mar, 2015 3 commits
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      Support goal column in multi-line minibuffer · b91eafe3
      Juri Linkov authored
      * lisp/simple.el (next-line-or-history-element)
      (previous-line-or-history-element): Remember the goal column of
      possibly multi-line input, and restore it afterwards.
      Fixes: debbugs:19824
    • Rasmus Pank Roulund's avatar
      Fixes: debbugs:19335 · ac4cce62
      Rasmus Pank Roulund authored
      * lisp/ido.el (ido-add-virtual-buffers-to-list): Include bookmark-alist files
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix support of scripts in w32font.c (Bug#19993) · fc10058a
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/w32font.c (font_supported_scripts): Add subranges for Latin
       Supplement, Latin Extended-A/B, Vai, Supplemental Punctuation, Tai
       Le, Buginese, Yijing Hexagrams, Ancient Greek Numbers, Tai Xuan
       Jing, Counting Rods, Sundanese, Lepcha, Ol Chiki, Saurashtra,
       Kayah Li, Rejang, Ancient Symbols, Phistos Disc, Carian, Lycian,
       Lydian, Dominoe Tiles, and Mahjong Tiles.  Break the Mathematical
       Alphanumeric Symbols into several "scripts" like fontset.el does.
       (syms_of_w32font): DEFSYM all the new script symbols.
       lisp/international/fontset.el (script-representative-chars): Add a
       representative character for 'vai'.
  6. 11 Mar, 2015 4 commits
  7. 10 Mar, 2015 9 commits
  8. 09 Mar, 2015 6 commits