1. 15 May, 2000 13 commits
  2. 14 May, 2000 9 commits
  3. 13 May, 2000 9 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · b6389bfb
      Eric M. Ludlam authored
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      Updated the commentary section. · e4a1da3c
      Eric M. Ludlam authored
      xemacs20p now uses >= when detecting.
      require `defimage' safely.
      (speedbar-easymenu-definition-base): Add toggle for images.
      (speedbar-easymenu-definition-special): Add flush cache & expand.
      (speedbar-visiting-tag-hook): Set new defaults.  Added options.
      (speedbar-reconfigure-keymaps-hook): New variable.
      (speedbar-frame-parameters): Updated documentation.
      (speedbar-use-imenu-flag): Updated custom tag
      (speedbar-dynamic-tags-function-list): New variable.
      (speedbar-tag-hierarchy-method): Updated doc & custom.
      (speedbar-indentation-width, speedbar-indentation-width)
      new variables.
      (speedbar-hide-button-brackets-flag): customizable.
      (speedbar-vc-indicator): Doc update.
      (speedbar-ignored-path-expressions): Updated default value.
      (speedbar-supported-extension-expressions): Updated default value.
      (speedbar-syntax-table): Remove {} paren status.
      (speedbar-file-key-map, speedbar-buffers-key-map):
      Add "=" to act as "+".
      Added overlay aliases.
      Use `speedbar-mode-line-update' instead of `force-mode-line-update'.
      (speedbar-mode, speedbar-quick-mouse, speedbar-click,
      Use `speedbar-mouse-set-point' instead of `mouse-set-point'
      (speedbar-reconfigure-keymaps): Run configure keymap hooks.
      (speedbar-item-info-tag-helper): Revamped to handle a wider
      range of arbitrary text, and new helper functions.
      (speedbar-item-copy, speedbar-item-rename):
      Fixed trailing \ in filename finder.
      (speedbar-make-button): Call `speedbar-insert-image-button-maybe'.
      (speedbar-directory-buttons): Update path search/expansion.
      (speedbar-make-tag-line): Pay attention to
      `speedbar-indentation-width'.  Use more care w/ invisible properties.
      (speedbar-change-expand-button-char): Call
      (speedbar-apply-one-tag-hierarchy-method): Deleted (and replaced).
       speedbar-simple-group-tag-hierarchy): New functions
      (speedbar-create-tag-hierarchy): Update doc, use new tag hooks.
      (speedbar-insert-imenu-list, speedbar-insert-etags-list):
      New functions.
      (speedbar-mouse-set-point): New function
      (speedbar-power-click): Updated documentation.
      (speedbar-line-token, speedbar-goto-this-file):
      Handle more types of tag prefix text.
      (speedbar-expand-line, speedbar-contract-line):
      Make more robust to strange text.
      (speedbar-expand-line): Takes universal argument to flush the cache.
      (speedbar-flush-expand-line): New function.
      (speedbar-tag-file): Use new `speedbar-fetch-dynamic-tags' fn.
      Use new generator insertion method.
      (speedbar-fetch-dynamic-tags): New function.
      (speedbar-fetch-dynamic-imenu): Removed code now handled in
      (speedbar-fetch-dynamic-etags): Fix current buffer problem.
      (speedbar-buffer-easymenu-definition): Added "Kill Buffer", and
      "Revert Buffer" menu items.
      (speedbar-buffer-buttons-engine): Be smarter when creating a
      filename tag (for expansion purposes.).
      (speedbar-highlight-one-tag-line, speedbar-unhighlight-one-tag-line,
       speedbar-recenter-to-top, speedbar-recenter): New functions.
      (defimage-speedbar): Image loading abstraction.
      (speedbar-directory-+, speedbar-directory--,
       speedbar-file-+, speedbar-file--, speedbar-file-,
       speedbar-tag-, speedbar-tag-+, speedbar-tag--, speedbar-tag-gt,
       speedbar-tag-v, speedbar-tag-type, speedbar-tag-mail):
      New images.
      (speedbar-expand-image-button-alist): New variable.
      (speedbar-insert-image-button-maybe): Insert an image over some
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      (comment-use-syntax): Change `maybe' to `undecided'. · 771c9b97
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (comment-quote-nested): New.  Replaces comment-nested.
      (comment-add): Turn into a mere defvar or a integer.
      (comment-style): Change default to `plain'.
      (comment-styles): Rename `plain' to `indent' and create a new plainer `plain'.
      (comment-string-reverse): Use nreverse.
      (comment-normalize-vars): Change `maybe' to `undecided', add comments.
        Don't infer the setting of comment-nested anymore (the default for
        comment-quote-nested is safe).  Use comment-quote-nested.
      (comment-end-quote-re): Use comment-quote-nested.
      (comment-search-forward): Obey LIMIT.
      (comment-indent): Don't skip forward further past comment-search-forward.
      (comment-padleft): Use comment-quote-nested.
      (comment-make-extra-lines): Use `cons' rather than `values'.
      (comment-region-internal): New arg INDENT.  Use line-end-position.
        Avoid multiple-value-setq.
      (comment-region): Follow the new comment-add semantics.
        Don't do box comments any more.
      (comment-box): New function.
      (comment-dwim): Only do the region stuff is transient-mark-active.
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      *** empty log message *** · 4240c779
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      (syntax-description-table): New variable. · b1e3566c
      Kenichi Handa authored
      (describe-char-after): New function.
      (describe-font-internal): Adjusted for the change of font-info.
      (describe-font): Likewise.
      (print-fontset): Rewritten for the new fontset implementation.
      (describe-fontset): Include fontset alias names in completion.
      (list-fontsets): Adjusted for the change of print-fontset.
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      (what-cursor-position): If DETAIL is non-nil, call · 24dad5d5
      Kenichi Handa authored
      describe-char-after instead of displaying the detail in the echo
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      *** empty log message *** · 43fe9244
      Kenichi Handa authored
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  5. 11 May, 2000 2 commits