1. 14 Jan, 1993 10 commits
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      * window.c (window_internal_width): New function. · fa61c701
      Jim Blandy authored
      	* lisp.h (window_internal_height, window_internal_width): Add
      	extern declarations for these.
      	* dispnew.c (direct_output_for_insert, direct_output_forward_char,
      	buffer_posn_from_coords): Use window_internal_width instead of
      	writing out its definition.
      	* indent.c (compute_motion): Doc fix; mention scrollbars and
      	(pos_tab_offset, Fvertical_motion): Use window_internal_width
      	instead of writing it out.
      	* window.c (Fpos_visible_in_window_p, Fwindow_width, Fscroll_left,
      	Fscroll_right): Same.
      	* xdisp.c (redisplay, try_window, try_window_id,
      	display_text_line): Same.
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      Make scrollbar structures into lisp objects, so that they can be · 20a6c8d7
      Jim Blandy authored
      	GC'd; this allows windows and scrollbars can refer to each other
      	without worrying about dangling pointers.
      	* xterm.h (struct x_display): vertical_scrollbars and
      	judge_timestamp members deleted.
      	(struct scrollbar): Redesigned to be a template for a Lisp_Vector.
      	New macros, to help deal with the lispy structures, and deal with
      	the graphics.
      	* frame.h (WINDOW_VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR): Macro deleted.
      	(struct frame): New fields `scrollbars' and
      	`condemned_scrollbars', for use by the scrollbar implementation.
      	FRAME_CONDEMNED_SCROLLBARS): Accessors for the new field.
      	* window.h (struct window): Doc fix for vertical_scrollbar field.
      	* frame.c (make_frame): Initialize the `scrollbars' and
      	`condemned_scrollbars' fields of the new frame.
      	* alloc.c (mark_object): Mark the `scrollbars' and
      	`condemned_scrollbars' slots of frames.
      	* xterm.c (x_window_to_scrollbar): Scrollbars are chained on
      	frames' scrollbar field, not their x.display->vertical_scrollbars
      	(x_scrollbar_create, x_scrollbar_set_handle, x_scrollbar_move,
      	x_scrollbar_remove, XTset_vertical_scrollbar,
      	XTcondemn_scrollbars, XTredeem_scrollbar, XTjudge_scrollbars,
      	x_scrollbar_expose, x_scrollbar_handle_click,
      	x_scrollbar_handle_motion): Substantially rewritten to correct
      	typos and brainos, and to accomodate the lispy structures.
      	* frame.h (FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY): Make sure frame is marked as
      	garbaged whenever it goes from invisible to visible.
      	* dispextern.h (frame_garbaged): Move extern declaration from here...
      	* frame.h (frame_garbaged): ... to here.  The FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY
      	macro uses it now, and this seems to be just as modular.  Make a
      	new page, just for this and message_buf_print.
      	(struct frame): Doc fix for the `visible' field.
      	* process.c: #include "frame.h" instead of "dispextern.h"; the
      	only thing we care about from it is the frame_garbaged
      	* ymakefile: Note dependency change.
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      * fileio.c (Fdo_auto_save): Add CURRENT_ONLY argument, as · 17857782
      Jim Blandy authored
      	described in doc string.
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      * emacs.c (shut_down_emacs): New function. · 40be253a
      Jim Blandy authored
      	(fatal_error_signal, Fkill_emacs): Call it, instead of writing it out.
      	* xterm.c (x_connection_closed): Call shut_down_emacs instead of
      	Fkill_emacs; the latter will try to perform operations on the X
      	server and die a horrible death.
      	* lisp.h (shut_down_emacs): Add extern declaration for it.
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      * config.h.in: protect against multiple #inclusions. · 7e1fc708
      Jim Blandy authored
      	* config.h.in: Add a declaration for getenv.
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      * scrollbar.el: New file. · 6d62a90e
      Jim Blandy authored
      	* term/x-win.el: Require 'scrollbar.
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      * frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): Don't try to delete the · faa3b11d
      Jim Blandy authored
      	initial frame if the user took care of that.
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      Initial revision · 396890d1
      Jim Blandy authored
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