1. 19 Jan, 2008 1 commit
  2. 18 Jan, 2008 20 commits
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      * vc.el: Make vc-status asynchronous. · 5ab612e8
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      (vc-update-vc-status-buffer): New function broken out of ...
      (vc-status-refresh): ... here. Pass vc-update-vc-status-buffer to
      the dir-status backend function.
      * vc-hg.el (vc-hg-dir-status): Compute the status asynchronously.
      Move the output processing to ...
      (vc-hg-after-dir-status): ... here.  Call the function passed as
      an argument with the results.
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      (doc-view-pdf/ps->png): Make sure we a have a valid cwd. · cec1df02
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (doc-view-insert-image): Do something if the image is missing.
      (doc-view-mode): Don't use file-remote-p.
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      *** empty log message *** · 7b4d0413
      Juanma Barranquero authored
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      (Property inheritance): New section · dbc28aaa
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(Conventions): New section.
      	(Structure editing): Document C-RET, the prefix arg to the cut/cpy
      	commands, and the new bindings for refiling.
      	(Sparse trees): Document the new special command for sparse trees.
      	(References): Be more clear about the counting of hilines.
      	(Handling links): Document M-p/n for accessing links.
      	(Fast access to TODO states): New section.
      	(Per file keywords): New section.
      	(Property inheritance): New section.
      	(Column attributes): New summary types.
      	(Capturing Column View): New section.
      	(The date/time prompt): Cover the new features in the date/time
      	prompt.  Compactify the table of keys for the calendar remote
      	(Clocking work time): Document the new :scope parameter.
      	(Remember): Promoted to chapter.
      	(Quoted examples): New section.
      	(Enhancing text): New verbatim environments.
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      (org-export-latex-cleaned-string): Fixed. · db9c3fb1
      Carsten Dominik authored
              (org-export-latex-special-chars): Convert "..." in \ldots and skip
              (org-export-latex-fontify-headline): Changed parameter name
              (org-export-as-latex): Handle export of subtrees
      	(org-export-latex-make-header): New argument TITLE
      	(org-export-latex-content): New argument EXCLUDE-LIST
      	(org-list-parse-list): New name for org-export-latex-parse-list
              (org-export-latex-make-header): New name for
      	(org-list-to-generic): New name of org-export-list-to-generic
      	(org-list-to-latex): New name of org-export-list-to-latex
      	(org-list-item-begin, org-list-end, org-list-insert-radio-list)
      	(org-list-send-list, org-list-to-texinfo)
      	(org-list-to-html): New functions
      	(org-export-latex-default-class, org-export-latex-classes)
      	(org-list-radio-list-templates): New options
              (org-export-latex-header): New variable
      	(org-latex-entities): New constant
              (org-export-latex-default-sectioning, org-export-latex-preamble)
      	(org-export-latex-get-sectioning): Removed
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      * movemail.c: Remove references to XENIX. · 76ed5e01
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * m/intel386.h: Remove references to XENIX.
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      New file · 36ad1553
      Carsten Dominik authored
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      (org-publish-current-project): Fix bug · 514a6ce6
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	with forcing publication.
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      (org-entry-properties): Include the CLOCKSUM special · 8c6fb58b
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(org-columns-edit-value): Do not allow to edit the special
      	CLOCKSUM property.
      	(org-flag-drawer): Use the original value of `outline-regexp'.
      	(org-remember-handler): Add invisible-ok flag to call to
      	(org-agenda-highlight-todo): Respect
      	(org-agenda-todo-keyword-format): New option.
      	(org-infile-export-plist): No restriction while searching for
      	(org-remember-handler): Remove comments at the end of the buffer.
      	(org-remember-use-refile-when-interactive): New option.
      	(org-table-sort-lines): Make sure sorting works on link
      	descritions only, and ignores the link.
      	(org-sort-entries-or-items): Make sure the end of the subtree is
      	(org-refile-use-outline-path): New allowed values `file' and
      	(org-get-refile-targets): Respect new values for
      	(org-agenda-get-restriction-and-command): DEL goes back to initial
      	(org-export-as-xoxo): Restore point when done.
      	(org-open-file): Allow multiple %s in command.
      	(org-clock-in-switch-to-state): New option.
      	(org-first-list-item-p): New function.
      	(org-last-remember-storage-locations): New variable.
      	(org-get-refile-targets): Interpret the new maxlevel setting.
      	(org-refile-targets): New option `:maxlevel'.
      	(org-copy-subtree): Include empty lines before but not after
      	(org-back-over-empty-lines, org-skip-whitespace): New functions.
      	(org-move-item-down, org-move-item-up): Include empty lines before
      	but not after item.
      	(org-first-sibling-p): New function.
      	(org-remember-apply-template): Defaults, completions and history
      	for template prompts.  Also, interpret new `%!' escape.
      	(org-context-choices): New constant.
      	(org-bound-and-true-p): New macro.
      	(org-imenu-depth): New option.
      	(org-imenu-markers): New variable.
      	(org-imenu-new-marker, org-imenu-get-tree)
      	(org-speedbar-set-agenda-restriction): New functions.
      	(org-agenda-remove-restriction-lock, org-agenda-maybe-redo): New
      	(org-agenda-restriction-lock): New face.
      	(org-speedbar-restriction-lock-overlay): New variables.
      	(org-open-at-point): Removed obsolete way to do redirection in
      	shell links.
      	(org-imenu-and-speedbar): New customization group.
      	(org-entry-properties): Return keyword-less time strings.
      	(org-clock-heading-function): New option.
      	(org-clock-in): Use `org-clock-heading-function'.
      	(org-calendar-holiday): Try to use `calendar-check-holidays'
      	instead of the obsolete `check-calendar-holidays'.
      	(org-export-html-special-string-regexps): New constant.
      	(org-massive-special-regexp): New variable.
      	(org-do-latex-and-special-faces): New functions.
      	(org-latex-and-export-specials): New face.
      	(org-highlight-latex-fragments-and-specials): New option.
      	(org-link-escape-chars): Use characters instead of strings.
      	(org-link-escape-chars-browser, org-link-escape)
      	(org-link-unescape): Use characters instead of strings.
      	(org-export-html-convert-sub-super, org-html-do-expand): Check for
      	protected text.
      	(org-emphasis-alist): Additional `verbatim' flag.
      	(org-set-emph-re): Handle the verbatim flag and compute
      	(org-cleaned-string-for-export): Protect verbatim elements.
      	(org-verbatim-re): New variable.
      	(org-hide-emphasis-markers): New option.
      	(org-additional-option-like-keywords): Add new keywords.
      	(org-get-entry): Renamed from `org-get-cleaned-entry'.
      	(org-icalendar-cleanup-string): New function for quoting icalendar
      	(org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-done): New option.
      	(org-agenda-get-scheduled, org-agenda-get-blocks): Use
      	(org-prepare-agenda-buffers): Allow buffers as arguments.
      	(org-entry-properties): Add CATEGORY as a special property.
      	(org-use-property-inheritance): Allow a list of properties as a
      	(org-eval-in-calendar): No longer update the prompt.
      	(org-read-date-popup-calendar): Renamed from
      	(org-read-date-display-live): New variable.
      	(org-read-date-display): New function.
      	(org-read-date-analyze): New function.
      	(org-remember-apply-template): Define `remember-finalize' if it is
      	not yet defined.
      	(org-remember-insinuate): New function.
      	(org-read-date-prefer-future): New option.
      	(org-read-date): Respect the setting of
      	`org-read-date-prefer-future'.  Use `org-read-date-analyze'.
      	(org-set-font-lock-defaults): Use `org-archive-tag' instead of a
      	hardcoded string.
      	(org-remember-apply-template): Use `remember-finalize' instead of
      	(org-columns-compute, org-column-number-to-string)
      	(org-columns-uncompile-format, org-columns-compile-format)
      	(org-columns-compile-format): Handle printf format specifier.
      	(org-columns-new, org-column-number-to-string)
      	(org-columns-uncompile-format, org-columns-compile-format):
      	Support for new currency summary type.
      	(org-tree-to-indirect-buffer): Do not kill old buffer when
      	`org-indirect-buffer-display' is `new-frame'.
      	(org-indirect-buffer-display): Document that `new-frame' leads to
      	indiret buffer proliferation.
      	(org-agenda-list): Use `org-extend-today-until'.
      	(org-extend-today-until): New option.
      	(org-format-org-table-html): Use lower-case for <col> tag.
      	(org-agenda-execute): New command.
      	(org-agenda-mode-map): Keybindings of "g" "G", "e" modified.
      	(org-select-remember-template): New function.
      	(org-remember-apply-template): Use `org-select-remember-template'.
      	(org-go-to-remember-target): New function.
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      *** empty log message *** · 36611f0f
      Carsten Dominik authored
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      Add a TODO note about vc-state. · e166638d
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      (vc-next-action): Register 'unregistered and 'ignored files.  Use
      when and unless instead of if where appropriate.
      (vc-start-entry): Fix typo.
      (vc-status): Autoload it.
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      Add arch tagline · a11ded73
      Miles Bader authored
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      Present tense. · 95986dbe
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (ffap-alist): Remove space from RFC regexp. · d4f7fdc6
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Richard M. Stallman <rms at gnu.org> · 279c4408
      Glenn Morris authored
      (custom-theme-recalc-face): Use face-spec-set rather than
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Re-arrange for font-lock. · 7d235bca
      Glenn Morris authored
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  3. 17 Jan, 2008 9 commits
  4. 16 Jan, 2008 10 commits
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      * configure.in: Remove more references to unsupported systems. · 6bed5c4a
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * s/irix3-3.h:
      * s/irix4-0.h:
      * s/386-ix.h:
      * s/domain.h:
      * s/hpux9-x11r4.h:
      * s/hpux9shxr4.h: Remove files for systems no longer supported.
      * sysdep.c: Remove code containing references to symbols defined
      by unsupported systems.
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      *** empty log message *** · 1d86a98f
      Martin Rudalics authored
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      (longlines-mode, longlines-show-region) · 91b53ad5
      Martin Rudalics authored
      (longlines-unshow-hard-newlines): Bind buffer-file-name and
      buffer-file-truename to nil while modifying buffer.
    • Martin Rudalics's avatar
      (custom-reset-standard-variables-list) · 5ae87ed4
      Martin Rudalics authored
      (custom-reset-standard-faces-list): New variables.
      (custom-reset-standard-save-and-update): New function.
      (Custom-save): Apply custom-mark-to-save before and
      custom-state-set-and-redraw after saving options.
      (Custom-reset-standard): Apply custom-mark-to-reset-standard to
      options and call custom-reset-standard-save-and-update.
      (custom-variable, custom-face, custom-group): Provide new
      entries for custom-mark-to-save, custom-mark-to-reset-standard,
      and custom-state-set-and-redraw.
      (custom-face-mark-to-save, custom-face-state-set-and-redraw)
      (custom-group-mark-to-save, custom-group-state-set-and-redraw)
      (custom-group-mark-to-reset-standard): New functions.
      (custom-variable-save): Move save, state-set, and redraw
      functionality to custom-variable-mark-to-save.
      (custom-face-save): Move save, state-set, and redraw
      functionality to custom-face-mark-to-save.
      (custom-group-save): Move save, state-set, and redraw
      functionality to custom-group-mark-to-save.
      (custom-variable-reset-standard, custom-face-reset-standard)
      (custom-group-reset-standard): Move save, state-set, and redraw
      functionality to custom-reset-standard-save-and-update.
      (custom-buffer-create-internal): Fix text in verbose help.
      (custom-face-value-create): Indent doc-strings of faces like
      those of variables.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (server-process-filter): Replace lineno and columnnno · 656d4706
      Stefan Monnier authored
      which defaulted to 1&0 with filepos which defaults to nil.
      (server-goto-line-column): Don't move if filepos is nil.
      (server-visit-files): Slight restructure to consolidate two calls to
      server-goto-line-column into just one.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (nxml-mode): Use mode-line-process to indicate the use of degraded mode. · 7d7d1bb6
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (nxml-degrade): Don't change mode-name.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (mode): Pass the buffer to format-mode-line. · 23eabff6
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (ibuffer-update-mode-name): Remove.
      (ibuffer-redisplay, ibuffer-update, ibuffer-mode): Don't call it.
      (ibuffer-mode): Use mode-line-process instead.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (ibuffer-auto-update-changed, ibuffer-auto-mode): Use derived-mode-p. · b5c49962
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (ibuffer-mark-by-mode-regexp): Pass the buffer to format-mode-line.