1. 04 Nov, 2006 3 commits
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      * gtkutil.c (update_frame_tool_bar): If icon image is invalid and · ffbdf67b
      Chong Yidong authored
      	wicon is null, insert an empty button.
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      2006-11-03 Ken Manheimer <ken.manheimer@gmail.com> · ede4ac6a
      Kim F. Storm authored
      	* allout.el (allout-during-yank-processing): Cue for inhibiting
      	aberrance processing during yanks.
      	(allout-doublecheck-at-and-shallower): Reduce the limit to reduce
      	the amount of yanked topics that can be aberrant.
      	(allout-do-doublecheck): Encapsulate this multiply-used recipe in
      	a function, and supplement with inihibition of doublechecking
      	during yanks.
      	(allout-beginning-of-line, allout-next-heading)
      	(allout-previous-heading, allout-goto-prefix-doublechecked)
      	(allout-back-to-current-heading, allout-next-visible-heading)
      	(allout-next-sibling): Use new allout-do-doublecheck function.
      	(allout-next-sibling): Ensure we made progress when returning
      	other than nil.
      	(allout-rebullet-heading): Preserve text property annotations
      	indicating the text was hidden, if it was.
      	(allout-kill-line): Remove any added was-hidden annotations.
      	(allout-kill-topic): Remove any added was-hidden annotations.
      	(allout-annotate-hidden): Inhibit adding was-hidden text
      	properties to the undo list.
      	(allout-deannotate-hidden): New function to remove was-hidden
      	(allout-hide-by-annotation): Use new allout-deannotate-hidden.
      	(allout-remove-exposure-annotation): Replaced by
      	(allout-yank-processing): Signal that yank processing is happening
      	with allout-during-yank-processing.  Also, wrap
      	allout-unprotected's closer to the text changes, for easier
      	debugging.  We need to inhibit-field-text-motion explicitly, in
      	lieu of the encompassing allout-unprotected.
      	(outlineify-sticky): Adjust criteria for triggering new outline
      	decorations to presence or absence of any topics, not just a topic
      	at the beginning of the buffer.
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      *** empty log message *** · 615b1c61
      Kim F. Storm authored
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