1. 29 Jun, 2018 6 commits
  2. 28 Jun, 2018 2 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Fix recently-introduced SAFE_FREE bug · ddc4371a
      Paul Eggert authored
      Problem reported by Andy Moreton (Bug#31996).
      * src/lisp.h (union specbinding.unwind_array):
      Remove unused member func.  Move array after nelts, as this is
      likely to generate more efficient code in safe_free, which can
      call xfree with the same value either way.
      (safe_free): Also handle SPECPDL_UNWIND_AWAY.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Tune SAFE_FREE · 76eda952
      Paul Eggert authored
      On my platform (Fedora 28 x86-64, AMD Phenom II X4 910e) this sped
      up a SAFE_FREE-using microbenchmark (string-distance "abc" "abc")
      by about 18%, and shrank the Emacs text size by about 0.1%.
      * src/callint.c (Fcall_interactively):
      * src/callproc.c (call_process):
      * src/doc.c (get_doc_string, Fsnarf_documentation):
      * src/editfns.c (Freplace_buffer_contents):
      * src/emacs-module.c (funcall_module):
      * src/eval.c (Flet):
      * src/process.c (Fmake_process):
      * src/term.c (tty_menu_show):
      * src/xdisp.c (safe__call):
      * src/xmenu.c (x_menu_show):
      * src/data.c (wrong_choice): No need to call SAFE_FREE here.
      * src/lisp.h (USE_SAFE_ALLOCA):
      * src/regex.c (REGEX_USE_SAFE_ALLOCA):
      Do not declare sa_must_free local; no longer needed.
      All uses removed.
      (SAFE_FREE): Rewrite in terms of safe_free.
      (safe_free): New function, optimized to use xfree.
      (SAFE_FREE_UNBIND_TO): New macro.
      (safe_free_unbind_to): New function.
  3. 27 Jun, 2018 3 commits
  4. 26 Jun, 2018 2 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Merge from origin/emacs-26 · 513b97c0
      Glenn Morris authored
      12c77f69 (origin/emacs-26) Add ido-fallback special variable (Bug#31707)
      826e8d1f Merge branch 'emacs-26' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs into...
      c7848767 Tighten a cross-reference in documentation
      517dc0b1 Fix last change in tramp-sh.el
      f43186fe Revert previous patch; comment was OK after all.
      4c3306e1 Fix lead comment for count_trailing_zero_bits
      b419f27a ; * doc/emacs/files.texi (Interlocking): Fix a non-portable @...
      7488de4f * lisp/emacs-lisp/regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt): Fix docstring q...
      0b698070 Make a minor update to the CSS mode docstring
      9a53b6d4 Say how to override a primitive interactive spec
      1d770788 Fix Bug#31941
    • Christophe Junke's avatar
      Add ido-fallback special variable (Bug#31707) · 12c77f69
      Christophe Junke authored
      Before ido.el switch to lexical-binding, it was possible for other
      packages to modify the 'fallback' variables declared inside
      'ido-file-internal' and 'ido-buffer-internal'.
      * lisp/ido.el (ido-fallback): New variable.
      (ido-buffer-internal, ido-file-internal): Reset ido-fallback to nil
      before prompting user.  Use ido-fallback when ido-exit is 'fallback'.
      (ido-fallback-command): Add optional FALLBACK-COMMAND argument.
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
  5. 25 Jun, 2018 14 commits
  6. 24 Jun, 2018 12 commits
  7. 23 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Merge from origin/emacs-26 · 16c2f03c
      Glenn Morris authored
      bbc9d379 (origin/emacs-26) Fix previous change in minibuffer-default-a...
      7caeef16 * src/editfns.c (Fformat): Make %x easier to spot in doc stri...
      ecc29fbd Improve responsiveness while in 'replace-buffer-contents'
      8182d648 Improve documentation of 'server-start' and friends
      decdfedf Clarify wording about functions' argument lists
      5abac8bf * lisp/doc-view.el: Fix typos in the commentary.  (Bug#31937)