1. 23 Jun, 2019 5 commits
    • Alan Third's avatar
      Update NS XWidget support news. · 805889d1
      Alan Third authored
      * etc/NEWS: Add support for XWidgets.
    • Sungbin Jo's avatar
      Add xwidget webkit support for macOS Cocoa · 4f5c264a
      Sungbin Jo authored
      * configure.ac: Allow xwidgets to build under Cocoa.
      * lisp/xwidget.el (xwidget-webkit-split-below):
      (xwidget-webkit-split-right): New functions.
      (xwidget-webkit-mode-map): Add new keybindings.
      (xwidget-webkit-scroll-down): Add ability to scroll specific amounts.
      (xwidget-webkit-scroll-line-height): New variable.
      (xwidget-webkit-scroll-bottom): Change clientHeight to scrollHeight.
      (xwidget-event-handler): Remove message.
      (xwidget-webkit-scroll-backward): Modify some window handling.
      (xwidget-webkit-mode): Add new functions.
      (xwidget-webkit-save-as-file): Add support for downloading files.
      (xwidget-webkit-bookmark-jump-new-session): New function.
      (xwidget-webkit-bookmark-make-record): Modify bookmark loading.
      (xwidget-webkit-search-fun-function): Add search within xwidget.
      (xwidget-webkit-insert-string): Use lists instead of vectors.
      (xwidget-window-inside-pixel-height): New functions
      (xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-to-window): Use new functions.
      (xwidget-webkit-new-session): Modify session default.
      (xwidget-webkit-back): Use functions instead of explicit JS scripts.
      (xwidget-webkit-forward): New function.
      (xwidget-webkit-copy-selection-as-kill): Remove unneeded lambda.
      * nextstep/templates/Info.plist.in: Modify Emacs's system permissions.
      * src/Makefile.in (SOME_MACHINE_OBJECTS): Add nsxwidget.o.
      * src/emacs.c (main): Move call to syms_of_xwidget.
      * src/nsterm.m (ns_note_mouse_movement): Handle the dragging case
      (ns_draw_glyph_string): Handle xwidget drawing.
      ([EmacsView mouseMoved:]): Handle dragging case.
      * src/nsxwidget.h:
      * src/nsxwidget.m: New files.
      * src/xwidget.c (xwidget_init_view):
      (Fmake_xwidget): Separate out GTK and NS code.
      (xwidget_hide_view): Replace printf with message.
      (store_xwidget_response_callback_event): New function.
      (x_draw_xwidget_glyph_string): NS xwidgets only support one view.
      Separate out GTK and NS code.
      (WEBKIT_FN_INIT): Use new function.
      (Fxwidget_webkit_execute_script): Something to do with detecting a
      (syms_of_xwidget): Define new functions.
      (xwidget_end_redisplay): Handle NS xwidget peculiarities.
      * src/xwidget.h: define new functions and add NS includes.
    • Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar
      Document what the `t' value for HIST in `read-string' means · d2bbea23
      Lars Ingebrigtsen authored
      * src/minibuf.c (syms_of_minibuf): Say that `t' means "no history"
      (Fread_from_minibuffer): Say the same for HIST.
    • Simen Heggestøyl's avatar
      Split up and add tests for two page.el functions · abf7d0d8
      Simen Heggestøyl authored
      * lisp/textmodes/page.el (page--count-lines-page): New function
      extracted from `count-lines-page'.
      (count-lines-page): Extract main logic into `page--count-lines-page'.
      (page--what-page); New function extracted from `what-page'.
      (what-page): Extract main logic into `page--what-page'.
      * test/lisp/textmodes/page-tests.el (page-tests-count-lines-page)
      (page-tests-what-page): New tests for `page--count-lines-page' and
      `page--what-page'.  (Bug#36009)
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (with-suppressed-warnings): Also suppress warnings when not byte-compiling · b9d0337c
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-run.el (with-suppressed-warnings): Bind
      byte-compile--suppressed-warnings when possible.
  2. 22 Jun, 2019 24 commits
  3. 21 Jun, 2019 8 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Fix default build-from-Git on macOS · 9b170060
      Paul Eggert authored
      * configure.ac (NS_IMPL_COCOA): Do not default to "yes" if
      src/macuvs.h is absent, which is possible in a build from Git.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Remove src/macuvs.h from Git repository · 7555f932
      Paul Eggert authored
      It can be generated automatically and easily during a normal
      bootstrap, so there’s no need to keep it in the repository.
      * admin/unidata/Makefile.in (maintainer-clean):
      Behave like extraclean and remove macuvs.h etc.
      * src/macuvs.h: Remove.
    • Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar
      Revert "Remove XEmacs compat code from savehist.el" · 9f64c4e8
      Lars Ingebrigtsen authored
      This reverts commit a97ba6eb.
      According to bug#36324, this broke savehist.el
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-dynamic): Mark obsolete · 436ccc69
      Stefan Monnier authored
      See bug#11649 for an example problem, and emacs-devel discussion
      «Prickliness of the "invalid byte code" stuff».
      * lisp/wid-edit.el, lisp/wdired.el, lisp/vc/pcvs-util.el:
      * lisp/progmodes/executable.el, lisp/mail/sendmail.el:
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-seq.el, lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el:
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-lib.el, lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el:
      * lisp/dired-x.el, lisp/dired-aux.el, lisp/calendar/calendar.el:
      Don't use byte-compile-dynamic any more.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/vc/ediff-*.el: Use lexical-binding, plus misc cleanup · 869cf5cb
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Re-enable lexical-binding in ediff.  For that, change ediff-find-file
      so as not to rely on dynamic scoping in its calling convention.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-diff.el: Move `provide` to the end.
      Remove redundant :group.
      (ediff-exec-process): Disregard current directory.
      (ediff-forward-word-function): Use defvar-local.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-help.el (ediff-set-help-message): Use functionp.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-hook.el (menu-bar-ediff-misc-menu): Make a toggle, as
      in the XEmacs menu.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-init.el (ediff-defvar-local): Add `doc-string` prop.
      (ediff-check-version): Delete function, unused.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-mult.el: Move `provide` to the end.
      Remove redundant :groups.
      Move initialization into declaration.
      (ediff-meta-mode): Use define-derived-mode.
      (ediff-intersect-directories): Remove `comparison-func`, unused.
      (ediff-prepare-meta-buffer): Fix use of `startup-hooks`.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-ptch.el: Move `provide` to the end.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-util.el (ediff-add-to-history): Use add-to-history instead.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-vers.el (ediff-vc-internal, ediff-vc-merge-internal):
      Use push and closures.
      * lisp/vc/ediff-wind.el: Remove redundant :groups.
      * lisp/vc/ediff.el: Move `provide` to the end.
      Remove redundant :groups.
      (ediff--magic-file-name, ediff--startup-hook): New vars.
      (ediff-find-file): Change calling convention so as not to use
      symbols as value cells.
      (ediff--buffer-file-name): New function.
      (ediff-files-internal): Adjust to new calling convention of ediff-find-file.
      (ediff-directories-internal, ediff-directory-revisions-internal)
      (ediff-regions-internal): Use push and closures.
    • YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar
    • YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar
      Fix blank tooltips on cairo (Bug#36298) · 2a229f49
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      * src/xterm.h (x_cr_update_surface_desired_size) [USE_CAIRO]: Add extern.
      * src/xterm.c (x_cr_update_surface_desired_size) [USE_CAIRO]: Make non-static.
      * src/xfns.c (Fx_show_tip) [USE_CAIRO]: Call x_cr_update_surface_desired_size.
    • YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar
      Fix broken display by frame maximization on cairo (Bug#23925) · 2da3305c
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      * src/xterm.c (handle_one_xevent) [USE_CAIRO && USE_GTK]: Make calls to
      x_cr_update_surface_desired_size coincide with those to xg_frame_resized.
  4. 20 Jun, 2019 3 commits