1. 28 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      * images/README: Update with following information. · 84a9c798
      Bill Wohler authored
      * images/data-save.xpm, images/mail/flag-for-followup.xpm:
      * images/zoom-in.xpm, images/zoom-out.xpm: New images from GNOME 2.12.
      * images/contact.pbm, images/data-save.pbm, images/delete.pbm:
      * images/mail/flag-for-followup.pbm, images/mail/inbox.pbm:
      * images/mail/move.pbm, images/next-page.pbm, images/zoom-out.pbm: New
      bitmaps for new images.
      * images/refresh.xpm, images/sort-ascending.xpm,
      * images/sort-descending.xpm: Update with GTK 2.x images. Note that the
      default GTK icons are not overridden by the GNOME theme due to a bug
      which was fixed in GNOME 2.15. Once GNOME 2.16 is in wide circulation,
      then the GTK icons should be replaced with the equivalent GNOME icons.
      Until then, we should be consistent with GTK first, then GNOME.
      * images/mail/repack.xpm, images/mail/reply-from.xpm:
      * images/mail/reply-to.xpm, images/search-replace.xpm:
      * images/separator.xpm, images/show.xpm: Update custom icons to be
      closer to their GNOME counterparts.
      * images/attach.pbm, images/exit.pbm, images/mail/compose.pbm:
      * images/mail/repack.pbm, images/mail/reply-all.pbm:
      * images/mail/reply-from.pbm, images/mail/reply-to.pbm:
      * images/mail/reply.pbm, images/mail/send.pbm, images/show.pbm:
      * images/search-replace.pbm: Update bitmaps.
      * images/execute.pbm, images/execute.xpm, images/fld-open.pbm:
      * images/fld-open.xpm, images/highlight.pbm, images/highlight.xpm:
      * images/mail.pbm, images/mail.xpm, images/mail/alias.pbm:
      * images/mail/alias.xpm, images/mail/refile.pbm:
      * images/mail/refile.xpm, images/page-down.pbm, images/page-down.xpm:
      * images/widen.pbm, images/widen.xpm: Remove custom MH-E icons since
      MH-E is now using the equivalent GTK/GNOME icons.
  2. 17 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      Moved all remaining images from lisp/toolbar to etc/images, moved · ffda926c
      Bill Wohler authored
      lisp/toolbar/tool-bar to lisp and "deleted" lisp/toolbar. The low
      resolution images were placed in their own directory (low-color).
      Replaced underscore (_) in filenames with dash (-) per convention
      * make-dist: Create and populate etc/images/low-color.
      * admin/FOR-RELEASE (DOCUMENTATION): Removed lisp/toolbar from list
        since it's gone. Also marked mh-e as done.
      * lisp/toolbar/attach.*, lisp/toolbar/cancel.*, lisp/toolbar/close.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/copy.*, lisp/toolbar/cut.*, lisp/toolbar/diropen.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/exit.*, lisp/toolbar/help.*, lisp/toolbar/home.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/index.*, lisp/toolbar/info.*, lisp/toolbar/mail.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/new.*, lisp/toolbar/open.*, lisp/toolbar/paste.*, *
      * lisp/toolbar/preferences.*, lisp/toolbar/print.*, lisp/toolbar/save.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/saveas.*, lisp/toolbar/search.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/search-replace.*: lisp/toolbar/spell.*:
      * lisp/toolbar/undo.*: Moved to etc/images.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-copy.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/copy.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-cut.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/cut.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-help.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/help.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-home.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/home.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-index.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/index.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-new.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/new.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-open.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/open.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-paste.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/paste.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-preferences.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/preferences.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-print.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/print.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-save.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/save.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-saveas.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/saveas.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-search.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/search.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-spell.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/spell.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-undo.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/undo.*.
      To conform with convention, the underscore (_) in the following image
      names were replaced with dash (-) or (/) as appropriate.
      * lisp/toolbar/back_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/back-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/fld_open.*: Moved to etc/images/fld-open.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/fwd_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/fwd-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/jump_to.*: Moved to etc/images/jump-to.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/left_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/left-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/right_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/right-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/up_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/up-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-back_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/back-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-fwd_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/fwd-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-jump_to.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/jump-to.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-left_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/left-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-right_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/right-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/lc-up_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/up-arrow.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/mail_compose.*.: Moved to etc/images/mail/compose.*.
      * lisp/toolbar/mail_send.*: Moved to etc/images/mail/send.*.
      * lisp/info.el (info-tool-bar-map): Replaced underscores in image
      names with dashes.
      * lisp/makefile.w32-in (WINS): Removed toolbar.
      * lisp/menu-bar.el: Replaced toolbar/tool-bar.el with tool-bar.el in
      * lisp/tool-bar.el: Moved to lisp from lisp/toolbar. Now that
      lisp/toolbar is empty, it should be deleted when folks run "cvs up
      * etc/images/README: Incorporated the content of lisp/toolbar/README
      now that all of the images are here.
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