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......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ Skip if any is matching."
:group 'comp)
(defcustom comp-bootstrap-black-list
"List of regexps to exclude files from native compilation during bootstrap.
Skip if any is matching."
:type 'list
......@@ -4411,6 +4411,14 @@ dispose_comp_unit (struct Lisp_Native_Comp_Unit *comp_handle, bool delay)
loaded the compiler and its dependencies. */
static Lisp_Object delayed_sources;
/* Queue an asyncronous compilation for the source file defining
FUNCTION_NAME and perform a late load.
NOTE: ideally would be nice to move its call simply into Fload but
we need DEFINITION to guard against function redefinition while
async compilation happen. */
maybe_defer_native_compilation (Lisp_Object function_name,
Lisp_Object definition)
......@@ -4443,7 +4451,6 @@ maybe_defer_native_compilation (Lisp_Object function_name,
|| noninteractive
|| !NILP (Vpurify_flag)
|| !COMPILEDP (definition)
|| !STRINGP (Vload_true_file_name)
|| !suffix_p (Vload_true_file_name, ".elc"))