Updated to match more recent versions of Praat.

* lisp/leim/quail/ipa-praat.el ("ipa-praat"): Update to match
more recent versions of Praat (bug#36198).

- \rh was used for ram's horns (a vowel) and rhoticity hook (a
  diacritic).  Praat uses \hr for the hook, so I made that changed.

- \e3v for the slightly rounded diacritic seems to have been a typo
  related to the use of e in the example.  Changed it to \3v to match

- Added examples to the table of tone diacritics

- Added \^h for superscript h

- Added \^H for superscript h with hook

- Added \^w for superscript w (labialization)

- Added \^j for superscript j (palatalization)

- Added \^g for superscript symbol (velarization)

- Added \^9 for superscript symbol (pharyngealization)
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