* lisp/term.el: Fix minor compilation issues with cl-lib and lexbind

Remove left-over comment from the bulk comint->term query/replace.
(term-command-function): Rename from term-command-hook.
Give it a global default value.
(term-suppress-hard-newline): Mark it as generally obsolete.
(term-mode): Don't manually make hooks buffer-local.
(term--remove-fake-newlines): Fix assert -> cl-assert.
(term-char-mode): Use add-function.
(term-send-input): Use run-hook-with-args.
(term-dynamic-complete): Use run-hook-with-args-until-success.
(term-dynamic-simple-complete): Completion tables can be plain lists.
(serial-read-name): Simplify and fix misuse of `set`.
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