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    Simplify lib-src version printing · b6af2792
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lib-src/Makefile.in (etags_cflags): Remove.
    All uses replaced by a simple ‘-o $@’.
    (ebrowse${EXEEXT}, emacsclient${EXEEXT}, emacsclientw${EXEEXT}):
    Omit -DVERSION= option.
    * lib-src/ebrowse.c (VERSION):
    * lib-src/emacsclient.c (VERSION):
    * lib-src/etags.c (EMACS_NAME, VERSION): Remove.
    All uses replaced by PACKAGE_NAME and PACKAGE_VERSION.
    * lib-src/ebrowse.c (version):
    * lib-src/etags.c (print_version):
    Use fputs to output the version info, since that’s fputs_unlocked.
    * lib-src/etags.c (PROGRAM_NAME): New macro.
    (print_version): Use it.
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