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    Merge from origin/emacs-26 · 2df74ce7
    Glenn Morris authored
    df64da8e (origin/emacs-26) * lisp/simple.el (region-extract-function):...
    520c486d * lisp/simple.el (region-bounds): Doc fix.  (Bug#33168)
    9193db08 Improve documentation of 'process-connection-type'
    106b9e13 Unify prompt for gnupg passphrase between GNU/Linux and MS-Wi...
    2a416161 Doc fix of 'gnus-fetch-old-headers'
    29a76443 Deactivate incorrect hyperlinking in gnus-build-sparse-thread...
    53ae90f4 Minor copyedits in cmdargs.texi
    fc2e65ae Improve documentation of X resource loading
    13132b39 * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-inline-compress-commands):
    8361292f ; Fix sorting in admin/MAINTAINERS
    92de44fa Don't error when indenting malformed Lisp (Bug#30891)
    c3adbc88 Improve 'isearch-delete-char' documentation (Bug#32990)
    6ca71ceb ; * lisp/help.el (with-help-window): Remove extra space in doc.
    f5f95838 Improve XPM load failure message (bug#33126)
    f3d01d46 Avoid infloop in CPerl mode fontification
    71a2d509 Fix minibuffer-help-form for lexical binding
    7e8eee60 Fix some NS drawing issues (bug#32932)
    d72975a6 * lisp/gnus/mm-util.el (mm-decompress-buffer): Fix split-stri...
    c97a5f1f * doc/misc/calc.texi (Summary): The +/- key is 'p', not 'P'.
    # Conflicts:
    #	lisp/gnus/mm-util.el