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    Merge from origin/emacs-27 · 68d43392
    Glenn Morris authored
    09eed01a Wrap some set-auto-mode calls with delay-mode-hooks (bug#3...
    4a0a1145 Support ido-vertical-mode better
    ef5fba9f Fix faces tab-bar and tab-line.
    83150842 Cater for 3-argument version of pthread_setname_np
    f27187f9 Clarify lexvar restrictions for add-to-ordered-list, add-t...
    32763dac Replace add-to-list to lexical variable with push (bug#39373)
    d07f1773 Clarify add-to-list documentation (bug#39373)
    d3d2ea92 MH-E: alter content in mh-display-msg, not mh-show-mode
    db7fa254 Update documentation for mh-show-mode-hook
    d10be6bf Example goto-addr hook: MH-E already uses goto-address
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    #	etc/NEWS