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    Fix compression of directories in Dired · 6cd9ccb0
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    This fixes comporession and uncompression of directories on
    MS-Windows, but also on other systems.  The original code used
    ":" as the REGEXP of the directory entry in
    dired-compress-file-suffixes, which on Windows always matched any
    absolute file name, and can also match unusual file names on Posix
    hosts.  This false match would cause dired-compress-file to act as
    if we are decompressing a directory, but use a command suitable
    for compression, which would fail in interesting ways.
    We now use a REGEXP that can never match any valid file name.
    * lisp/dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file-suffixes): Make the
    "compress directory" entry's REGEXP really fail to match any valid
    file name.
    (dired-compress-file): Adapt to the change in
    dired-compress-file-suffixes.  (Bug#39024)
    (dired-compress): If the current file is a directory, or if the
    uncompressed file is a directory, don't remove the original from
    the listing, since it is left in the filesystem.