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    * lisp/font-lock.el: No longer use headings as end of section markers. · 2d93342a
    Jonas Bernoulli authored
    Each section ends right before the following section begins and IMO
    that means that it is unnecessary to mark the end of sections.
    For users of `outline-minor-mode' the old end-of-section markers were
    a distraction.  They made it much harder to parse the overview outline
    state because each section heading was followed by a end-of-section
    marker that was formatted as a section heading.  Because of this I
    wanted to remove the end-of-section markers.
    But as Eli pointed out these sections are long and not everyone uses
    So instead of removing them, I am turning the end-of-section markers
    into regular comments (beginning with just two semicolons) instead of
    section headings (beginning with tree semicolons).  That way users of
    `outline-minor-mode' won't be distracted by them and others can still
    benefit from the markers as before.