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    Fix NS frame resizing issues (bug#40200, bug#28872) · 24cb6908
    Alan Third authored
    * src/nsmenu.m (update_frame_tool_bar): Remove reference to
    * src/nsterm.h: ([EmacsView updateFrameSize]):
    ([EmacsView setRows:andColumns:]): Remove unused
    method definitions.
    (NS_PARENT_WINDOW_TOP_POS): Move to nsterm.m.
    * src/nsterm.m (ns_parent_window_rect): New function.
    (NS_PARENT_WINDOW_TOP_POS): Move to nsterm.m and simplify.
    (ns_set_offset): Fix strange behaviours when using negative values.
    ([EmacsView windowDidResize:]):
    ([EmacsView windowDidExitFullScreen]):
    (ns_judge_scroll_bars): Remove references to updateFrameSize.
    ([EmacsView dealloc]): Unset resize notification and release buffer.
    ([EmacsView updateFrameSize:]): Remove function.
    ([EmacsView windowWillResize:toSize:]): Move some code to
    ([EmacsView viewDidResize]): New function.
    ([EmacsView initFrameFromEmacs:]): Set up resize notification and move
    buffer creation until after the prerequisite objects are created.
    ([EmacsView toggleFullScreen:]): Set frame to the size of the
    contentview, not the whole window, and remove reference to
    ([EmacsView setRows:andColumns:]): Remove unused method.
    ([EmacsView windowDidMove:]): Tidy up.