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    Merge from origin/emacs-27 · d672ad60
    Glenn Morris authored
    0e936f18 (origin/emacs-27) Fix build failure with --with-cairo --wi...
    c34f7e88 Add new node "Package Statuses" to manual
    fdee034a * lisp/isearch.el: Fix corner cases of isearch-lazy-count.
    7b14329d ; * lisp/simple.el (messages-buffer): Doc fix.  (Bug#39124)
    7ec66a59 Document spacing issues with Xft for some fonts
    08cd247f ; * etc/NEWS: Fix typo.
    d645628e Always use lexical-binding in lisp-interaction-mode (bug#3...
    c42198f7 ; *etc/NEWS: Fix typo.
    0ed9cfa7 vc-dir: ensure we don't use a pager with git
    37e0d00c Improve ERC's matching of nicks and URLs (bug#38257)
    d47b1579 Handle tab-bar clicks on a GPM-capable console.
    e4791f3f ;* etc/TODO: Update.
    # Conflicts:
    #	etc/NEWS