Commit 035d7ac7 authored by Nick Helm's avatar Nick Helm Committed by Eli Zaretskii

Prevent eldoc from changing the mode line

* lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (eldoc-minibuffer-message): Don't
change the mode line if it is not displayed.  (Bug#28697)
parent c9d71b31
......@@ -264,12 +264,13 @@ Otherwise work like `message'."
(or (window-in-direction 'above (minibuffer-window))
(when mode-line-format
(unless (and (listp mode-line-format)
(assq 'eldoc-mode-line-string mode-line-format))
(setq mode-line-format
(list "" '(eldoc-mode-line-string
(" " eldoc-mode-line-string " "))
(setq eldoc-mode-line-string
(when (stringp format-string)
(apply #'format-message format-string args)))
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