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......@@ -337,9 +337,9 @@ answers, but also function keys like 'F1', character events such as
'C-M-h', and control characters like 'C-h'.
** Lexical binding is now used when evaluating interactive Elisp forms.
More specifically, lexical-binding is now used for 'M-:', '--eval', as
well as in lisp-interaction-mode and ielm-mode, used in the "*scratch*"
and "*ielm*" buffers.
More specifically, 'lexical-binding' is now used for 'M-:', '--eval',
as well as in 'lisp-interaction-mode' and 'ielm-mode', used in the
"*scratch*" and "*ielm*" buffers.
** The new user option 'tooltip-resize-echo-area' avoids truncating
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