Commit 1265b539 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

*** empty log message ***

parent 8260e5b4
......@@ -110,3 +110,10 @@
* Allow auto-compression-mode to use zlib calls if zlib is available.
[It's required for PNG, so may be linked anyhow.]
* Add a --pristine startup flag which does -q --no-site-file plus
ignoring X resources (Doze equivalents?) and most of the
environment. What should not be ignored needs consideration.
* Investigate using the language environment to set up more things,
such as the default Ispell dictionary.
2000-11-14 Dave Love <>
* cu-exit.pbm, exit-summ.pbm, followup.pbm, fuwo.pbm:
* mail-reply.pbm, next-ur.pbm, post.pbm, prev-ur.pbm:
* reply-wo.pbm, reply.pbm rot13.pbm, save-aif.pbm, save-art.pbm:
New files, derived from the XPMs.
2000-11-12 Dave Love <>
From Emerick Rogul <>.
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