Commit 162a8fa4 authored by Gemini Lasswell's avatar Gemini Lasswell

Add a selector function as a way to avoid running all the tasks

* lisp/emacs-lisp/erb.el (erb-task-select-function): New variable.
(erb--benchmark-one-commit): Use it.
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......@@ -1013,19 +1013,28 @@ system, remove it."
;;;; Run benchmarks
;; Todo UI for this
(defvar erb-task-select-function nil
"If non-nil, a function to select the benchmark tasks to run.
Passed one argument, TASK, an `erb--metadata' structure. Return
non-nil if TASK should be run.")
(defun erb--benchmark-one-commit (commit target-emacs)
"Run the benchmark tasks for one COMMIT and record the results.
The executable to run should be found in the subdirectory
'result' of the directory TARGET-EMACS."
(let* ((tasks (erb--vc-tasks-for-commmit commit))
(selected-tasks (seq-filter (or erb-task-select-function
(benchmark-task-files (directory-files-recursively
(erb--benchmark-dir) "\\.el$"))
(all-run-results (make-erb--run-results)))
(when tasks
(dolist (file benchmark-task-files)
(when-let* ((selected-tasks (erb--filter-by-file tasks file)))
(when-let* ((file-tasks (erb--filter-by-file selected-tasks file)))
(let* ((this-run-results (erb--run-tasks target-emacs
file selected-tasks)))
file file-tasks)))
(setq all-run-results
(erb--merge-run-results all-run-results
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