Commit 1ce7864d authored by Rasmus's avatar Rasmus

Add Org schemas.xml contents to Emacs schemas.xml

Entries from the Org version of schemas.xml have been added to
the Emacs version of schemas.xml.
parent 5cecd275
......@@ -55,4 +55,10 @@
<typeId id="XHTML" uri="xhtml.rnc"/>
<typeId id="DocBook" uri="docbook.rnc"/>
<typeId id="RDF" uri="rdfxml.rnc"/>
<documentElement prefix="office" typeId="OpenDocument"/>
<documentElement prefix="manifest" localName="manifest" typeId="OpenDocument Manifest"/>
<typeId id="OpenDocument" uri="od-schema-v1.2-os.rnc"/>
<typeId id="OpenDocument Manifest" uri="od-manifest-schema-v1.2-os.rnc"/>
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