Commit 311ca036 authored by Michael Heerdegen's avatar Michael Heerdegen

Fix edebug instrumentation removing from advised functions

* lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug-remove-instrumentation): Handle
advised functions correctly.
parent be779cf7
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......@@ -4571,6 +4571,21 @@ With prefix argument, make it a temporary breakpoint."
;; Continue standard unloading.
(defun edebug--unwrap*-symbol-function (symbol)
;; Try to unwrap SYMBOL's `symbol-function'. The result is suitable
;; to be fbound back to SYMBOL with `defalias'. When no unwrapping
;; could be done return nil.
(pcase (symbol-function symbol)
((or (and `(macro . ,f) (let was-macro t))
(and f (let was-macro nil)))
;; `defalias' takes care of advises so we must strip them
(let* ((orig-f (advice--cd*r f))
(unwrapped (edebug-unwrap* orig-f)))
((equal unwrapped orig-f) nil)
(was-macro `(macro . ,unwrapped))
(t unwrapped))))))
(defun edebug-remove-instrumentation (functions)
"Remove Edebug instrumentation from FUNCTIONS.
Interactively, the user is prompted for the function to remove
......@@ -4582,10 +4597,10 @@ instrumentation for, defaulting to all functions."
(lambda (symbol)
(when (and (get symbol 'edebug)
(or (functionp symbol)
(macrop symbol)))
(let ((unwrapped (edebug-unwrap* (symbol-function symbol))))
(unless (equal unwrapped (symbol-function symbol))
(push symbol functions)))))
(macrop symbol))
(push symbol functions)))
(unless functions
(error "Found no functions to remove instrumentation from"))
......@@ -4599,8 +4614,9 @@ instrumentation for, defaulting to all functions."
;; Remove instrumentation.
(dolist (symbol functions)
(setf (symbol-function symbol)
(edebug-unwrap* (symbol-function symbol))))
(when-let ((unwrapped
(edebug--unwrap*-symbol-function symbol)))
(defalias symbol unwrapped)))
(message "Removed edebug instrumentation from %s"
(mapconcat #'symbol-name functions ", ")))
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