Commit 4058102c authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Silence warnings about obsolete functions in obsolete/vip.el

* lisp/obsolete/vip.el (ex-tag): Silence warnings about obsolete
functions because this is an obsolete file.
parent fab7b863
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...@@ -2979,9 +2979,10 @@ vip-s-string" ...@@ -2979,9 +2979,10 @@ vip-s-string"
(vip-change-mode-to-emacs) (vip-change-mode-to-emacs)
(condition-case conditions (condition-case conditions
(progn (progn
(if (string= tag "") (with-suppressed-warnings ((obsolete find-tag find-tag-other-window))
(find-tag ex-tag t) (if (string= tag "")
(find-tag-other-window ex-tag)) (find-tag ex-tag t)
(find-tag-other-window ex-tag)))
(vip-change-mode-to-vi)) (vip-change-mode-to-vi))
(error (error
(vip-change-mode-to-vi) (vip-change-mode-to-vi)
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