Commit 445e9265 authored by Tino Calancha's avatar Tino Calancha

Mention how to send CC to > 1 address in a bug report

* admin/notes/bugtracker (* More detailed information):
mention how to CC to more than 1 address (Bug#28833).
parent 8ca6fa58
......@@ -95,13 +95,16 @@ normal bug reporting.)
** When reporting a new bug, to send a Cc to another address
(e.g., do NOT just use a Cc: header.
Instead, use "X-Debbugs-CC:". This ensures the Cc address will get a
Instead, use "X-Debbugs-CC:". This ensures the Cc address(es) will get a
mail with the bug report number in. If you do not do this, each reply
in the subsequent discussion might end up creating a new bug.
This is annoying. (So annoying that a form of message-id tracking has
been implemented to hopefully stop this happening, but it is still
better to use X-Debbugs-CC.)
If you want to send copies to more than one address, add them
comma-separated in only one X-Debbugs-CC line.
Like any X-Debbugs- header, this one can also be specified in the
pseudo-header (see below), if your mail client does not let you add
"X-" headers.
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