Commit 4dda299d authored by Jimmy Aguilar Mena's avatar Jimmy Aguilar Mena

Fixed customization display-fill-column-indicator

parent 852af650
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......@@ -33392,8 +33392,6 @@ either `relative' or `visual'. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("display-fill-column-indicator", Vdisplay_fill_column_indicator,
doc: /* Non-nil means display the fill column indicator. */);
Vdisplay_fill_column_indicator = Qnil;
DEFSYM (Qdisplay_fill_column_indicator, "display-fill-column-indicator");
Fmake_variable_buffer_local (Qdisplay_fill_column_indicator);
DEFVAR_LISP ("display-fill-column-indicator-column", Vdisplay_fill_column_indicator_column,
doc: /* Column for indicator when `display-fill-column-indicator' is non-nil.
......@@ -33401,16 +33399,12 @@ The default value is t which means that the indicator will use the `fill-column'
If a numeric value is set, the indicator will be drawn in that column
independently of the `fill-column' value. */);
Vdisplay_fill_column_indicator_column = Qt;
DEFSYM (Qdisplay_fill_column_indicator_column, "display-fill-column-indicator-column");
Fmake_variable_buffer_local (Qdisplay_fill_column_indicator_column);
DEFVAR_LISP ("display-fill-column-indicator-character", Vdisplay_fill_column_indicator_character,
doc: /* Character to draw the indicator when `display-fill-column-indicator' is non-nil.
The default is U+2502 but a good alternative is (ascii 124) if
the font in fill-column-face does not support Unicode characters. */);
Vdisplay_fill_column_indicator_character = Qnil;
DEFSYM (Qdisplay_fill_column_indicator_character, "display-fill-column-indicator-character");
Fmake_variable_buffer_local (Qdisplay_fill_column_indicator_character);
DEFVAR_BOOL ("inhibit-eval-during-redisplay", inhibit_eval_during_redisplay,
doc: /* Non-nil means don't eval Lisp during redisplay. */);
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