Commit 4ef97113 authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora

Allow custom load paths in elisp's byte-compilation Flymake

* lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el
(elisp-flymake-byte-compile-load-path): New variable.
(elisp-flymake-byte-compile): Use new variable
parent 12e92215
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......@@ -1669,6 +1669,16 @@ Calls REPORT-FN directly."
(defvar-local elisp-flymake--byte-compile-process nil
"Buffer-local process started for byte-compiling the buffer.")
(defvar elisp-flymake-byte-compile-load-path (list "./")
"Like `load-path' but used by `elisp-flymake-byte-compile'.
The default value contains just \"./\" which includes the default
directory of the buffer being compiled, and nothing else.")
(put 'elisp-flymake-byte-compile-load-path 'safe-local-variable
(lambda (x) (and (listp x) (catch 'tag
(dolist (path x t) (unless (stringp path)
(throw 'tag nil)))))))
(defun elisp-flymake-byte-compile (report-fn &rest _args)
"A Flymake backend for elisp byte compilation.
......@@ -1688,13 +1698,14 @@ current buffer state and calls REPORT-FN when done."
:name "elisp-flymake-byte-compile"
:buffer output-buffer
:command (list (expand-file-name invocation-name invocation-directory)
;; "--eval" "(setq load-prefer-newer t)" ; for testing
"-L" default-directory
"-f" "elisp-flymake--batch-compile-for-flymake"
:command `(,(expand-file-name invocation-name invocation-directory)
;; "--eval" "(setq load-prefer-newer t)" ; for testing
,@(mapcan (lambda (path) (list "-L" path))
"-f" "elisp-flymake--batch-compile-for-flymake"
:connection-type 'pipe
(lambda (proc _event)
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