Commit 51f5c194 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Make the unflag-p parameter in dired-mark-unmarked-files work

* lisp/dired-x.el (dired-mark-unmarked-files): Make the unflag-p
parameter work (bug#27465).
parent ca088159
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in 51 minutes and 44 seconds
......@@ -629,9 +629,12 @@ Optional fifth argument CASE-FOLD-P specifies the value of
(let ((dired-marker-char (if unflag-p ?\s dired-marker-char)))
;; not already marked
(= (following-char) ?\s)
;; uninteresting
(if unflag-p
;; Already marked.
(not (= (following-char) ?\s))
;; Not already marked.
(= (following-char) ?\s))
;; Interesting.
(let ((fn (dired-get-filename localp t))
;; Match patterns case-insensitively on case-insensitive
;; systems
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