Commit 53c0a1e9 authored by Kelvin White's avatar Kelvin White

erc.el: Fix regression - Bug #18551

parent 24169260
2014-09-26 Kelvin White <>
* erc.el (erc-format-nick): Fix code regression - Bug #18551
2014-09-25 Kelvin White <>
* erc.el: Follow Emacs version instead of tracking it seperately.
......@@ -4225,11 +4225,12 @@ and as second argument the event parsed as a vector."
(defun erc-format-nick (&optional user _channel-data)
"Return the nickname of USER.
See also `erc-format-nick-function'."
(let ((nick (erc-server-user-nickname user)))
(when user
(let ((nick (erc-server-user-nickname user)))
(concat (erc-propertize
(erc-get-user-mode-prefix nick)
'face 'erc-nick-prefix-face)
(defun erc-get-user-mode-prefix (user)
(when user
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