Commit 58412402 authored by Väinö Järvelä's avatar Väinö Järvelä Committed by Alan Third

Use NSNumber instead of BOOL (bug#39047)

* src/nsfns.m (ns_set_represented_filename): Use correct type.

Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent beec9f64
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......@@ -493,11 +493,11 @@ Turn the input menu (an NSMenu) into a lisp list for tracking on lisp side.
#if defined (NS_IMPL_COCOA) && defined (MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_7)
/* Work around for Mach port leaks on macOS 10.15 (bug#38618). */
NSURL *fileURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:fstr isDirectory:NO];
BOOL isUbiquitousItem = YES;
NSNumber *isUbiquitousItem = @YES;
[fileURL getResourceValue:(id *)&isUbiquitousItem
if (isUbiquitousItem)
if ([isUbiquitousItem boolValue])
fstr = @"";
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