Commit 5bd351ea authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Fix cursor ghosting on scroll

* src/nsterm.m (ns_copy_bits): Remove function.
(ns_scroll_run): Remove redundant calls.
parent 91f11825
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......@@ -2734,36 +2734,6 @@ so some key presses (TAB) are swallowed by the system. */
static void
ns_copy_bits (struct frame *f, NSRect src, NSRect dest)
NSSize delta = NSMakeSize (dest.origin.x - src.origin.x,
dest.origin.y - src.origin.y);
NSTRACE ("ns_copy_bits");
if (FRAME_NS_VIEW (f))
hide_bell(); // Ensure the bell image isn't scrolled.
/* FIXME: scrollRect:by: is deprecated in macOS 10.14. There is
no obvious replacement so we may have to come up with our own. */
[FRAME_NS_VIEW (f) scrollRect: src by: delta];
/* As far as I can tell from the documentation, scrollRect:by:,
above, should copy the dirty rectangles from our source
rectangle to our destination, however it appears it clips the
operation to src. As a result we need to use
translateRectsNeedingDisplayInRect:by: below, and we have to
union src and dest so it can pick up the dirty rectangles,
and place them, as it also clips to the rectangle.
FIXME: We need a GNUstep equivalent. */
[FRAME_NS_VIEW (f) translateRectsNeedingDisplayInRect:NSUnionRect (src, dest)
static void
ns_scroll_run (struct window *w, struct run *run)
......@@ -2809,18 +2779,13 @@ so some key presses (TAB) are swallowed by the system. */
if (height == 0)
block_input ();
x_clear_cursor (w);
NSRect srcRect = NSMakeRect (x, from_y, width, height);
NSRect dstRect = NSMakeRect (x, to_y, width, height);
ns_copy_bits (f, srcRect , dstRect);
unblock_input ();
/* FIXME: When we copy the contents of the view it happens before we
have a chance to turn off the cursor. I also can't work out how
to do a straight copy of the contents of an NSView in macOS >
10.10, so just mark the destination as dirty. There must be a way
to do this properly. */
setNeedsDisplayInRect:NSMakeRect (x, to_y, width, height)];
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