Commit 66c350ad authored by Daniel Colascione's avatar Daniel Colascione

Check for single-threadedness

parent a1d79055
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......@@ -451,10 +451,7 @@ struct dump_flags
/* Pack objects tighter than GC memory alignment would normally
require. Useful for objects copied into the Emacs image instead
of used directly from the loaded dump.
XXX: actually use
bool_bf pack_objects : 1;
/* Sometimes we dump objects that we've already scanned for outbound
references to other objects. These objects should not cause new
......@@ -4033,10 +4030,12 @@ types. */)
"dumper. Dumping with the portable dumper may produce "
"unexpected results.");
// XXX: check that we have no other threads running
if (!main_thread_p (current_thread))
error ("Function can be called only on main thread");
if (!NILP (XCDR (Fall_threads ())))
error ("No other threads can be running");
/* Clear out any detritus in memory. */
do {
number_finalizers_run = 0;
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