Commit 89d0c445 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Revert "Fix display of working text on NS (Bug#23412, Bug#1453)"

This reverts commit ba042176.

Do not merge to master (bug#38851)
parent ad5e350a
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in 56 minutes and 31 seconds
......@@ -314,9 +314,10 @@ The overlay is assigned the face `ns-working-text-face'."
(let ((start (point)))
(overlay-put (setq ns-working-overlay (make-overlay start (point)))
(propertize ns-working-text 'face 'ns-working-text-face))))
(insert ns-working-text)
(overlay-put (setq ns-working-overlay (make-overlay start (point)
(current-buffer) nil t))
'face 'ns-working-text-face)))
(defun ns-echo-working-text ()
"Echo contents of `ns-working-text' in message display area.
......@@ -339,7 +340,8 @@ See `ns-insert-working-text'."
;; Still alive?
(overlay-buffer ns-working-overlay))
(with-current-buffer (overlay-buffer ns-working-overlay)
(overlay-put ns-working-overlay 'after-string nil)
(delete-region (overlay-start ns-working-overlay)
(overlay-end ns-working-overlay))
(delete-overlay ns-working-overlay)))
((integerp ns-working-overlay)
(let ((msg (current-message))
......@@ -6456,6 +6456,10 @@ - (void)insertText: (id)aString
if (!emacs_event)
/* First, clear any working text. */
if (workingText != nil)
[self deleteWorkingText];
/* It might be preferable to use getCharacters:range: below,
However, we probably can't use SAFE_NALLOCA here because it might
......@@ -6484,10 +6488,6 @@ - (void)insertText: (id)aString
emacs_event->code = code;
EV_TRAILER ((id)nil);
/* Last, clear any working text. */
if (workingText != nil)
[self deleteWorkingText];
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