Commit 91734c6b authored by Simen Heggestøyl's avatar Simen Heggestøyl

Add tests for dom.el

* test/lisp/dom-tests.el: New file with tests for dom.el.
parent 7fcce24e
;;; dom-tests.el --- Tests for dom.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Simen Heggestøyl <>
;; Keywords:
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'dom)
(require 'ert)
(require 'subr-x)
(defun dom-tests--tree ()
"Return a DOM tree for testing."
(dom-node "html" nil
(dom-node "head" nil
(dom-node "title" nil
(dom-node "body" nil
(dom-node "div" '((class . "foo")
(style . "color: red;"))
(dom-node "p" '((id . "bar"))
(dom-node "div" '((title . "2nd div"))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-tag ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-tag dom) "html"))
(should (equal (dom-tag (car (dom-children dom))) "head"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-attributes ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should-not (dom-attributes dom))
(should (equal (dom-attributes (dom-by-class dom "foo"))
'((class . "foo") (style . "color: red;"))))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-children ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (mapcar #'dom-tag (dom-children dom))
'("head" "body")))
(should (equal (dom-tag (dom-children (dom-children dom)))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-non-text-children ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-children dom) (dom-non-text-children dom)))
(should-not (dom-non-text-children
(dom-children (dom-children dom))))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-set-attributes ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree))
(attributes '((xmlns ""))))
(should-not (dom-attributes dom))
(dom-set-attributes dom attributes)
(should (equal (dom-attributes dom) attributes))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-set-attribute ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree))
(attr 'xmlns)
(value ""))
(should-not (dom-attributes dom))
(dom-set-attribute dom attr value)
(should (equal (dom-attr dom attr) value))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-attr ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should-not (dom-attr dom 'id))
(should (equal (dom-attr (dom-by-id dom "bar") 'id) "bar"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-text ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (string-empty-p (dom-text dom)))
(should (equal (dom-text (dom-by-tag dom "title")) "Test"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-texts ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-texts dom) "Test foo bar"))
(should (equal (dom-texts dom ", ") "Test, foo, bar"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-child-by-tag ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-child-by-tag dom "head")
(car (dom-children dom))))
(should-not (dom-child-by-tag dom "title"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-by-tag ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (= (length (dom-by-tag dom "div")) 2))
(should-not (dom-by-tag dom "article"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-strings ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-strings dom) '("Test" "foo" "bar")))
(should (equal (dom-strings (dom-children dom)) '("Test")))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-by-class ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-tag (dom-by-class dom "foo")) "div"))
(should-not (dom-by-class dom "bar"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-by-style ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-tag (dom-by-style dom "color")) "div"))
(should-not (dom-by-style dom "width"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-by-id ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-tag (dom-by-id dom "bar")) "p"))
(should-not (dom-by-id dom "foo"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-elements ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (dom-elements dom 'class "foo")
(dom-by-class dom "foo")))
(should (equal (dom-attr (dom-elements dom 'title "2nd") 'title)
"2nd div"))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-remove-node ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should-not (dom-remove-node dom dom))
(should (= (length (dom-children dom)) 2))
(dom-remove-node dom (car (dom-children dom)))
(should (= (length (dom-children dom)) 1))
(dom-remove-node dom (car (dom-children dom)))
(should-not (dom-children dom))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-parent ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should-not (dom-parent dom dom))
(should (equal (dom-parent dom (car (dom-children dom))) dom))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-previous-sibling ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should-not (dom-previous-sibling dom dom))
(let ((children (dom-children dom)))
(should (equal (dom-previous-sibling dom (cadr children))
(car children))))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-append-child ()
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (mapcar #'dom-tag (dom-children dom))
'("head" "body")))
(dom-append-child dom (dom-node "feet"))
(should (equal (mapcar #'dom-tag (dom-children dom))
'("head" "body" "feet")))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-add-child-before ()
"Test `dom-add-child-before'.
Tests the cases of adding a new first-child and mid-child. Also
checks that an attempt to add a new node before a non-existent
child results in an error."
(let ((dom (dom-tests--tree)))
(should (equal (mapcar #'dom-tag (dom-children dom))
'("head" "body")))
(dom-add-child-before dom (dom-node "neck")
(dom-child-by-tag dom "body"))
(should (equal (mapcar #'dom-tag (dom-children dom))
'("head" "neck" "body")))
(dom-add-child-before dom (dom-node "hat"))
(should (equal (mapcar #'dom-tag (dom-children dom))
'("hat" "head" "neck" "body")))
(should-error (dom-add-child-before dom (dom-node "neck")
(dom-by-id dom "bar")))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-ensure-node ()
(let ((node (dom-node "foo")))
(should (equal (dom-ensure-node '("foo")) node))
(should (equal (dom-ensure-node '(("foo"))) node))
(should (equal (dom-ensure-node '("foo" nil)) node))
(should (equal (dom-ensure-node '(("foo") nil)) node))))
(ert-deftest dom-tests-pp ()
(let ((node (dom-node "foo" nil "")))
(dom-pp node)
(should (equal (buffer-string) "(\"foo\" nil\n \"\")")))
(dom-pp node t)
(should (equal (buffer-string) "(\"foo\" nil)")))))
(provide 'dom-tests)
;;; dom-tests.el ends here
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