Commit 92b1edb1 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Remove obsolete epg functions

* lisp/epg.el (epg-start-sign-keys, epg-sign-keys): Remove
functions declared obsolete since Emacs 23.1.
parent cad2bbbe
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......@@ -1282,29 +1282,6 @@ If no one is selected, default public key is exported. ")))
(epa-display-error context)
(signal (car error) (cdr error))))))
;; (defun epa-sign-keys (keys &optional local)
;; "Sign selected KEYS.
;; If a prefix-arg is specified, the signature is marked as non exportable.
;; Don't use this command in Lisp programs!"
;; (declare (interactive-only t))
;; (interactive
;; (let ((keys (epa--marked-keys)))
;; (unless keys
;; (error "No keys selected"))
;; (list keys current-prefix-arg)))
;; (let ((context (epg-make-context epa-protocol)))
;; (epg-context-set-passphrase-callback context
;; #'epa-passphrase-callback-function)
;; (epg-context-set-progress-callback context
;; (cons
;; #'epa-progress-callback-function
;; "Signing keys..."))
;; (message "Signing keys...")
;; (epg-sign-keys context keys local)
;; (message "Signing keys...done")))
;; (make-obsolete 'epa-sign-keys "Do not use.")
(provide 'epa)
;;; epa.el ends here
......@@ -1936,40 +1936,6 @@ If you are unsure, use synchronous version of this function
(epg-errors-to-string errors))))))
(epg-reset context)))
(defun epg-start-sign-keys (context keys &optional local)
"Initiate a sign keys operation.
If you use this function, you will need to wait for the completion of
`epg-gpg-program' by using `epg-wait-for-completion' and call
`epg-reset' to clear a temporary output file.
If you are unsure, use synchronous version of this function
`epg-sign-keys' instead."
(declare (obsolete nil "23.1"))
(setf (epg-context-operation context) 'sign-keys)
(setf (epg-context-result context) nil)
(epg--start context (cons (if local
(lambda (key)
(car (epg-key-sub-key-list key))))
(defun epg-sign-keys (context keys &optional local)
"Sign KEYS from the key ring."
(declare (obsolete nil "23.1"))
(epg-start-sign-keys context keys local)
(epg-wait-for-completion context)
(let ((errors (epg-context-result-for context 'error)))
(if errors
(signal 'epg-error
(list "Sign keys failed"
(epg-errors-to-string errors))))))
(epg-reset context)))
(defun epg-start-generate-key (context parameters)
"Initiate a key generation.
PARAMETERS is a string which specifies parameters of the generated key.
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