Commit 93dc7ae4 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Port better to QNX

Problem reported by Elad Lahav on emacs-devel.
* On QNX, default CC to qcc (a GCC wrapper),
and default LDFLAGS to -N2MB so that the initial stack size
is not too small.  Also, fix misspelling of ‘qnxnto’.
parent ad995506
......@@ -702,7 +702,9 @@ case "${canonical}" in
## QNX Neutrino
*-nto-qnx* )
test -z "$CC" && CC=qcc
## Intel 386 machines where we don't care about the manufacturer.
......@@ -2218,7 +2220,7 @@ test "$CANNOT_DUMP" = yes ||
case "$opsys" in
## darwin ld insists on the use of malloc routines in the System framework.
darwin | mingw32 | nacl | sol2-10) ;;
cygwin | qnxto | freebsd)
cygwin | qnxnto | freebsd)
system_malloc= ;;
*) test "$ac_cv_func_sbrk" = yes && system_malloc=$emacs_cv_sanitize_address;;
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