Commit a05bafff authored by Tobias Bading's avatar Tobias Bading Committed by Robert Pluim

Fix incorrect GTK menus on HiDPI monitors with scaling factor > 1

This should fix Bug#31223, Bug#28106, Bug#23672 as well as Ubuntu bug

Also fixes the formerly unscaled Y value returned by
frame-monitor-workarea (and display-monitor-attributes-list).

For details on why some GTK menus were empty please see thread

* src/gtkutil.c (menubar_map_cb, xg_update_frame_menubar): Scale up
req.height so that the menu bar's height is in device pixels as
(xg_event_is_for_menubar): Scale down rec.x and rec.y so that
gtk_widget_intersect() works as intended.
* src/xfns.c (Fx_display_monitor_attributes_list): Scale work.x and
work.y up to be in device pixels.

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