Commit b31f1987 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Support more font weight values on MS-Windows

* src/w32font.c (w32_to_fc_weight): Support a few more weight
values, for compatibility with the GTK font selection widget
(see gtkutil.c:XG_WEIGHT_TO_SYMBOL).  (Bug#24226)
parent 7c6335de
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......@@ -2000,11 +2000,14 @@ w32_encode_weight (int n)
static Lisp_Object
w32_to_fc_weight (int n)
if (n >= FW_EXTRABOLD) return intern ("black");
if (n >= FW_HEAVY) return intern ("black");
if (n >= FW_EXTRABOLD) return Qextra_bold;
if (n >= FW_BOLD) return Qbold;
if (n >= FW_SEMIBOLD) return intern ("demibold");
if (n >= FW_NORMAL) return intern ("medium");
return Qlight;
if (n >= FW_LIGHT) return Qlight;
if (n >= FW_EXTRALIGHT) return Qextra_light;
return intern ("thin");
/* Fill in all the available details of LOGFONT from FONT_SPEC. */
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