Commit beec9f64 authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora

Add comment on fido-mode's file-sorting semantics

* lisp/icomplete.el (icomplete--sorted-completions): Add comment.
parent eb3c6ad3
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......@@ -463,6 +463,12 @@ Usually run by inclusion in `minibuffer-setup-hook'."
((and fido-mode
(not minibuffer-default)
(eq (icomplete--category) 'file))
;; `fido-mode' has some extra file-sorting
;; semantics even if there isn't a default,
;; which is to bubble "./" to the top if it
;; exists. This makes M-x dired RET RET go to
;; the directory of current file, which is
;; what vanilla Emacs and `ido-mode' both do.
`(,(lambda (comp)
(string= "./" comp)))))
thereis (cl-loop
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